December 2019


Praise be Jesus Christ!

 “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”  (John 1:14)


We’re at the half-way point of this fraternal year.  Now’s the time to assess your Council’s progress, make necessary half-time adjustments, and reach your goals:

  1. Grow in Unity,
  2. Grow in Holiness, and
  3. Grow in Membership.  

Your DD has scheduled a District meeting for December or January.  It’s important for your council officers to attend.  Grand Knights should call their DD to get the date, time, and place.   

Approximately 2/3 of our GK's are new this year.  Every GK and all council officers should complete the online training available from Supreme (  GK and FS who complete the training are eligible for a $10 rebate on purchases from Village Custom Embroidery.  See page 27 of the Indiana Program Guide for details.

Indiana is part of Supreme Founders’ Award Fraternal Benefits Night pilot program.   The pilot program replaces the Insurance Quota with two Fraternal Benefits Night as the requirement to earn the Founders’ Award this year.  Our website has resources to assist you in holding a successful Fraternal Benefit Night (

Is your council fully compliant with our Safe Environment Program?  Why do we need to do this?  Watch this powerful video Protecting Our Children: A Family’s Response to Sexual Abuse.


  • Working together we are changing lives and saving lives.   Councils have contributed their time, talent, and treasure to many state wide efforts:  
  • Ultrasound Machine – Six machines have been purchased this year.  We have another five yet to be purchased.  
  • Support Our Seminarians – All Indiana Diocesan Seminarians have been adopted by Councils
  • Food for Families – Over 44,000 meals packed at NCYC
  • Coats for Kids – Many councils are working distributing coats to keep our children warm this winter
  • Special Olympics Indiana - All money collected from councils reduces the cost for athletes to attend Special Olympic Indiana Summers Games in Terre Haute.  
  • Gibault – You contributions have fully funded the building of three new sensory rooms at Gibault.  Many councils are planning to support and attend the “Christmas at Gibault” on 12/26/19.
  • National March for Life – Our buses are nearly full for the 2020 trip with Knights from across the state and their families


Act quickly and you can join me and 400,000+ friends at the Washington DC March for Life (1/24/20).  Registration Form for this trip is on our website.   There are also Marches for Life in Chicago (1/13/20), Indianapolis (1/22/20), and Fort Wayne (1/26/20).  March for Life is a featured program (counts as two credits) under the Faith in Action model.  Organize a minimum of 50 marchers to participate in a national, state, or local March for Life to meet the requirement.


The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has approved our IN K of C Charity Fund Inc Special Group Recognition License Plate application.  You’ll be able to order the Indiana Knights of Columbus plate for your car, truck, or motorcycle from your local BMV starting in January 2020.


Start collecting information to complete Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity Form 1728.  This form is due next month.   Use our Indiana Activity Database to review the programs you’ve reported.   Form 1728 is essential for the K of C to maintain its tax-exempt status.  Report all hours and dollars donated, and please get this form submitted before 1/31/20.


A Spiritual Reflection is a required program under the Faith category of our Faith in Action program model.   Promoting and sending a large contingent from your Council to a Catholic Men’s Conference can be a “Spiritual Reflection Program.”   Wear your Knights of Columbus-branded apparel to the conference.  


Consecrate your families to the protection of the Holy Family.  Contact your Pastors and make plans to do this.  December 29th is Holy Family Sunday and would be an ideal time.  A step by step guide  for Consecration to the Holy Family is on the Supreme Website.  Consecration to the Holy Family is a required program under the Family category of our Faith in Action program model.

Call you DD and schedule a time for your parishes to Pray for Persecuted Christians in our Marian Prayer program.


  1. Invite good men to join us.  Every Council needs new members and their families to:
  2. Support, lead, and grow council programs,
  3. Become council chairmen, directors, and officers, and
  4. Breathe life into their councils.

The State Membership Intake Goal is necessary to earn the Santa Maria award.  Is your council at 50% of your State Intake Goal?  Schedule an Admission Degree, Plan a Delta Church Drive, and follow up with your prospects.   You can reach your goal!  Nothing is impossible with God!

Our Indiana Bishops fully support the Knights of Columbus and sincerely appreciate the support you give to them, our seminarians, and our priests.   I’ve met with Fort Wayne Bishop Rhoades and Evansville Bishop Siegel.  I’ll meet with Indianapolis Archbishop Thompson in January and Gary Bishop Designate McClory very soon.  They each gave a blessing for the Indiana Knights of Columbus and all the work you do.   They encourage all men to join us so they can grow in their faith and become more active in our Church.   Letters from our Bishops to prospective members are available call you DD.  Please pray daily for all our seminarians, priests, Bishops, and the Pope.

Men have more reasons than ever to join the Knights of Columbus.  Use every opportunity to invite a good Catholic man to join us today (!

Thank you for all you do to grow our order in charity, unity, fraternity, membership and insurance!

Merry Christmas to you and your Family! 

         Paul Zielinski


Indiana State Deputy

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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