December 2018


Praise be Jesus Christ!

"The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them." (Wisdom 3:1)



I’ve met with all of our Indiana Bishops and they fully support the Knights and sincerely appreciate the support we give them and their seminarians and priests.   They encourage all men to join us so they can grow in their faith and become more active in our Church.   They each gave a blessing for the Indiana Knights of Columbus and all the work you do.   

Please pray daily for all our seminarians, priests and Bishops.


Our first Marian Icon Prayer program was held last month with the Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christian icon. The Icons will be  traveling around Indiana for the next two years. 

Contact our Marian Hour Chairman Jim Recasner (317-515-7269,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or your DD for details about getting your council Marian Icon Prayer program scheduled.

The Marian Icon Prayer is a program under the Faith category.  Step-by-step instructions for conducting this program are available from the Supreme website.


Spiritual Reflection is a required program under the Faith category of our Faith in Action program model.   Promoting and sending a large  contingent from your Council & Parish (10% of your council or a minimum of 10 members) to a Catholic Men’s Conference can be a “Spiritual Reflection Program.”   Wear your Knights of Columbus-branded apparel to the conference. 

The Indiana Knights of Columbus State Council, working with our General Agents, will be sponsors at the following conferences and will staff K of C information booths:

Has your Council arranged a consecration of families to the Holy Family?   

This is done to help families live out the joy of Christ.  Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori composed a prayer through which families will come together to consecrate themselves under the protection of the Holy Family.  Contact your Pastors and make plans to do this.  December 30th is Holy Family Sunday and would be an ideal time.  A step by step guide  for Consecration to the Holy Family is on the Supreme Website.  Consecration to the Holy Family is a required program under the Family category of our Faith in Action program model.


Act quickly and you can join me and 400,000+ friends at the Washington DC March for Life (1/18/19).  Registration Form and details for this trip are on our website.   There are also Marches for Life in Chicago (1/13/19) and Indianapolis (1/22/19).  March for Life is a featured program (counts as two credits) under the Faith in Action model.  Organize a minimum of 50 marchers to participate in a national, state, or local March for Life to meet the requirement.



Your DD should have a District meeting in December or January.  It’s important for your council officers to attend.  Grand Knights should call their DD to get the date, time, and place.  

Check out our 2018-2019 membership growth and officer training incentives.


Merry Christmas to you and your Family!    

Men have more reasons than ever to join the Knights of Columbus.  Use every opportunity to ask a good Catholic man to join us today!


In Charity, Unity, and Fraternity,

Paul Zielinski


Indiana State Deputy

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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