State Secretary

November 2021

Worthy Bother Knights,

I was watching Pro-Life Weekly on EWTN today and they brought up Saint Pope John Paul II and his understanding of life and his leadership in developing a culture of Life.  It was interesting as they brought up the goals of the Nazis and the Communists in breaking down the family as a means of preventing resistance to the governmental tyranny.  Saint Pope John Paul II grew up in this oppression of the family and saw that it was harmful and fought to reverse these practices which these governments put into practice:  Abortion, contraception, limits on family size.  As I look at today’s culture, I still see the proponents of these actions doing so for much the same reason.  What are we doing to combat these actions? 

As Knights we are to be the leaders of our Families.  The father of a family is its leader as the wife and husband work together to provide for the family both physically and spiritually.  But our roles as leaders go beyond this.  We must set an example for our families of good virtues, honor to God and strength in our personal missions to become the man that God wants us to be.  This is the leadership that men / Fathers need to provide.  Action and words working together to show the next generation the right path to a closer relationship with God.  What do your words and actions show to your family and community?

We as Knights should be working together to help each other build this legacy.  We often talk about the various activities that we do to provide funding for Ultrasounds, women’s care centers, food pantries, etc.  We also need to help each other to develop spiritually.  Retreats, prayer hours, bible studies, and just getting together to discuss the trials of everyday life from a brother Knight to Brother Knight level help us to be better men.  Let’s take the opportunities to become better domestic churches and to take our families out of the social chaos that we live in and to show them the life God has planned for us.

November is the month that we as Knights Memento Mori, remember death.  I am hopeful that our Councils have or are planning their annual memorial masses.  Make sure that you are including the widows and children of our past members.

Our Fourth-Degree program has an exemplification planned for November 20th in Granger.  The Fourth Degree is our patriotic degree and provides us with our Color Corps.  This is the portion of the Knights of Columbus that is best known as it is seen during holiday parades and functions.  Please consider this option as a Knight to become a Fourth-Degree member.

We also are looking for members to go on the March for Life trip this year.  At $285 per person, it is a great deal for the trip which includes the bus ride to DC, hotel stay for two nights, lunch and dinner on the day of the March and breakfast at the hotel.  If you can’t go, please encourage someone else to go or have your Council sponsor someone to make this pilgrimage in the support of life.

As always, please listen in to our Knight Vision radio program.  We will highlight Charity this month.  If you can’t make the radio program on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month, check out our podcast versions.

Remember to ask a good Catholic gentleman to join our Order and to develop his faith.  Keep up your good works of charity and lead your community closer to God.

Vivat Jesus

State Secretary

Scott Schutte
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Secretary
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Vivat Jesus


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