Gibault - Appeal

July 2013

Dear Brother Knights,

Children are truly our greatest resource. They are tomorrow’s leaders, parents and keepers of our traditions and values. Sadly not all children have the opportunity to be cared for and educated the way we would educate our own sons and daughters. This is where we, as Knights, make the difference.

As a Hoosier Knight we help challenged children further their education and improve their lives through our support of Gibault. Gibault is providing a quality, accredited education to children who need it most. Gibault is truly a life-changing opportunity for kids.

Did you know:

  • Gibault helps kids from all over Indiana
  • 67% of the kids at Gibault are special education students
  • 100% of the kids at Gibault have a mental health diagnosis

This information is staggering, yet it fills me with pride to know that the Indiana Knights of Columbus are making a difference for these kids! These are the lives that our Lord calls us to help. These are the children that others pass by. We will not pass these young people, we will pick them up, educate them and show them life is truly precious and wonderful.

I ask you to make a donation to help educate a child. A financial gift, of any size is greatly appreciated and needed. Together the Knights of Columbus can continue to make our homes and communities stronger by educating children who desperately need our help.

Please make donations payable to:

Gibault Children’s Service
6401 South US Hwy 41
Terre Haute, IN 47802

Gibault is a source of great hope for young people and your support goes directly to the kids. Gibault is how Indiana Knights show the world that life is important regardless of circumstance. I hope you will help support the young people who truly need us.

Vivat Jesus,

Lawrence B. Fluhr
Indiana State Deputy

PS ~ You can also call Gibault at 800-264-1156 ext 3120 to learn more about how the Knights of Columbus make a difference.

For more information visit

If you don’t have internet access you are always welcome to call us at 800-264-1156 ext 3120 to learn more about these projects!

Download Letter: Gibualt Appeal Letter 2013 (PDF)