Supreme incentives for tom GK, DD, and recruiters 

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The following INCENTIVES are offered by the Indiana State Council for FY 2019-2020   [Read entire page]
New DD Incentive – Supreme Convention Delegate One DD will be a delegate to the 2020 Supreme Convention in Washington DC. Every DD whose District reaches 100% of their State Intake Goal by 3/31/2020 will be eligible. The State Officers will choose the DD based on their performance versus expectations. Every DD was given a copy of their expectations in July and again in Dec. 
NEW! (In Solidarity with our Bishops)
Merry Christmas Bishop Membership Challenge:
  • $2 per new member to each Bishop for any council in his Diocese that reaches the 50% target by 12/01
  • Bonus: Additional $100 to the first Diocese to accomplish this



  • Council hits July (17% of Goal) or Q1 (50% of Goal) intake targets. GK gets $10/new member gift Card for each target achieved
  • College Council hits Q1 (75% of Goal). GK gets $10/new member gift Card
  • Council Priest gets $10/new insurance member check (mailed quarterly)



As of Feb 15th (2 weeks to go . . .) The highest recruiter for the 3/1/2019-2/29/2020 period will be recognized as our top recruiter at the 2020 State Convention and will be presented with a K of C watch or $100 check.  The other "Top 10" recruiters will be recognized and presented certificates at the Convention and a copy of the new book The Knights of Columbus: An Illustrated History.



  • NEW JULY Only: 1st DD to have EACH council recruit (at least) 1 new member gets $100
  • NEW JULY Only: 1st FIVE DDs to get a total of 10 new members recruited in their district gets $100
  • District hits Q1 Target (50% of Goal). DD gets $35 Gift Card.


  • Set of Council Jewels for Council.
  • K of C Watch or $100 Gift Card for DD.
  • Council receives two complimentary State Convention Registration fees, two tickets to Chaplains Dinner, two tickets to the Awards Luncheon, two tickets to State Banquet, and one ticket to Ladies Luncheon for the next State Convention.



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