Membership Director

February 2019

Brothers all;

In hopes that you all take the Membership portion of your responsibilities seriously I have to ask......,

  1. Why are we not recruiting more new Members than before? 
  2. Could it be that you are doing it the same old ways you always had? 
  3. The Knights have so much to offer. Is it possible that you are not good at articulating this? 

The best tool I have seen in some time is using the “join us” KofC portal to get the prospects ALL the information about us. This does all the work and very professional.

Please add this to your recruiting efforts. We can all use help and this will help. We can do this.

Best of luck going forward!! I do ask that you remember, as the right arm of the Catholic Church, we continue to recruit everywhere we are. Wear the symbol of the order, be seen and heard. 

All of our Indiana Bishops support the Knights of Columbus. Each of them has written an individual letter to encourage good men to join us. 

Feel free to download and share your Bishop’s letter with prospective members.

Have a terrific start to 2019!!

Frank Joseph

State Membership Director

317-587-7428 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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