March 2018

Brothers all:

God bless you all for all the great work you do around the State and in your local Parishes.

Let’s talk Membership (of course!)

Here's a quick look at what you have accomplished so far this year compared to our last Circle of Honor year:

  • July minus 2
  • August minus 8
  • September minus 45???
  • October PLUS 17
  • November PLUS 28
  • December minus 42
  • January PLUS 46

Quick math puts the State of Indiana at only minus 6 from the last time we made Circle of Honor thru January. We are doing okay in February but need all to talk this up with your Council. IT IS A BIG DEAL FOR A STATE TO MAKE THE CIRCLE OF HONOR. We have the March Order wide Church Drive Month something that I want YOU to REALLY get behind. If you can not have one in the Parish, did not plan ahead, then how about the Lenten Fish Fry’s? What about more than just one?

We also have 3 or 4 new Councils that are in the process of getting set. As you can see Circle of Honor is possible. All need to make sure all your Members know how well they are doing. Keep it up and push for your particular goals of getting STAR.

Four Pillars, One Mission,

The Indiana Knights

God bless,

Frank Joseph

State Membership Director

317-587-7428 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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