Membership Director

January 2020


  • Seminarians and Priests join for free! and Promo Code "SEM18" - $30 off for seminarians and priests for a membership cost of $0.
  • Discount for anyone to join online. and Use Promo Code "NEWYEAR2020" - 50% off for a membership cost of $15.

I am in hopes that all is well with you and yours. We are doing “OK” from the Membership side of all you do. BUT OKAY ISN’T what we need to be doing. Please contact me or any one of the Officers, Directors or Chairman for assistance with anything you are still in need of help with. We are here for you.

If you aren’t growing, you are by nature dying. Membership needs different and new blood. This comes in many forms: older, younger, and with different backgrounds. Ask yourself, “When did YOU last invite a Catholic Gentleman to join us?” Just think about you and all others simply inviting a friend or acquaintance to join us. JUST ASK!!

Traditionally we do Order wide Church Drives in March and October. I ask you - why can’t you do a ”Drive” anytime? Or anywhere?  Plan a Delta Drive any month. Do it at church OR at any event.  Do not just pass out pamphlets or interest cards.  Have a laptop, tablet or phone set to Join Us or if you have created a Council Landing page (if not call/email Walt our online Chairman) and have interested men sign up there. You have to do this more often and in different places. I ask that you welcome your new members and their ideas. Include and engage.

We are under attack from all sides. So ask yourself, “If not us, then who?” I say we are on a mission to help save this world and we are going to need a bigger Army to do it.  Go out and recruit.

     Nothing is impossible with God!

State Membership Director 

SK Frank Joseph 


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