Membership Director


Brothers all:

            Well, winter is in full swing, and more things are being done outside so BE SAFE!  But keep active.  Be sure to reach out to your brother knights and families as well.  Make sure you have some sort of a consistent effort to help those who are more vulnerable but also those members that you simply just haven’t heard from in a while.

            I am convinced that many are still concerned about COVID so instead of finding ways to do God’s work they are just doing nothing.  This is not good for them, not good for the order, not good for the parishes and not good for our priests.  WE ALL NEED TO BE DOING GOD’S WORK AS EXPECTED AS THE RIGHT ARM OF THE CHURCH.

            In closing, how about those church drives?  March will be the order wide church drive month.  I realize that not all parishes will allow this.  DO AS OTHERS HAVE DONE AND GET CREATIVE.  Use the bulletin, use a trifold in the foyer, print yard signs, put together a message that can be played on local Catholic radio, just DO SOMETHING.

God bless you all,

                   SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director


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