Membership Director

October 2019

Brothers all:   

The First Quarter has come and gone. It's time to look at your successes so far, as well as the opportunities.

As far as Membership growth. Did you kick the year off with a monthly goal? Please do it now. Divide out your quota for the year and do some quick math to set a monthly need number. When you do that you will ask yourselves “how can we NOT make that happen.” So next is an actual conversation on how to accomplish it (not just hope by osmosis it works). October and March Order wide Church drive is a good starting point, BUT every time a member is at any event or other mission they serve on make it a quest to ask another doing that same thing to join us. The age old "JUST ASK" WORKS!! Remember to utilize the online easy sign up (joinus) as a tool for those who say I don’t have time to fill all that (Form 100) out right now. Use the Delta Church Drive (below) to guide you on running a successful day with your team.

We have a serious responsibility in being the Right arm of the Church to grow our Membership. We know that this grows Catholic men closer to the Church, Parish life and their families. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO BE EXCITED ABOUT SIGNING UP MORE AND MORE EVERY MONTH???

Click to see each IN Council's Intake Goals & Targets for this year.

Also, HERE is a link to the Delta Church Drives slides or you can download and watch the VIDEO.

I want to remind all about the current Membership growth incentives.

     NEW! (from State Council - In Solidarity with our Bishops)
 Merry Christmas Bishop Membership Challenge:  $2 per new member to each Bishop for any council in his Diocese that reaches the 50% target by 12/01 (and Bonus: Additional $100 to the first Diocese to accomplish this)

     NEW! (from Supreme Council) DD whose councils bring in at least 12 new (Oct 1 - Dec 31) gets $200 and name recognition in Knightline


Incentives for GK

  • Council hits July (17% of Goal) or Q1 (50% of Goal) intake targets.  GK gets $10/new member gift Card for each target achieved
  • College Council hits Q1 (75% of Goal). GK gets $10/new member gift Card

 Incentives for Priests

  • Council Priest gets $10/new insurance member check (mailed quarterly)

Incentives for DD

  • District hits Q1 Target (50% of Goal).  DD gets $35 Gift Card.


Here are the fast start incentives that were paid for July Growth of 17%. They can pile on to that and get the Q1 incentives and earn CASH for the Parish Priest. Oh yeah, the GK too! 

  • District 1-0
  • District 2-0
  • District 3-0
  • District 4-0
  • District 5-0
  • District 6-Council 738 & 12951
  • District 7-0
  • District 8-0
  • District 9-0
  • District 10-0
  • District 11-0
  • District 12-Council 1790 & 9186
  • District 13-Council 13971
  • District 14- Council 451
  • District 15- Council 864
  • District 16- Council 1881
  • District 17-0
  • District 18-0
  • District 19- Council 1014
  • District 20-0
  • District 21-12540(goal 3 got 4)
  • District 22-0
  • District 23-0
  • District 24-0
  • District 25- Council 861
  • District 26- Council 541
  • District 27-0
  • District 28-0
  • District 29-0
  • District 30-0
  • District 31-0
  • District 32-0
  • District 33- Council12541&14659
  • District 34-0
  • District 35-0
  • District 36-0
  • District 37- Council 3660
  • District 38-0
  • District 39- Council 10713

Congratulations to all! 

I recommend that if you are struggling to get going use this as a list of “who to call.” 

Please get your Delta Church Drive going for the month of October which is our Order Wide Church Drive Month. Remember that you need to JUST ASK that person you are in a ministry with and way too many times that person says no one ever did. Crazy but true. 

Expect a call, text and yes Indiana KofC email as we go forward. Please reply as needed. We all are here for you. 

     Nothing is impossible with God!

State Membership Director 

SK Frank Joseph 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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