Submitting Form 100's

To help you get your jurisdiction's Form 100s in from degrees and remove the risk of misplaced, lost, or double-entered Form 100s, I have produced a video on how to do this in A LOT LESS TIME than it takes to scan them in or mail them in to Supreme.
The video is five and a half minutes long and that is about twice as long as it takes to use your phone to send the forms. Once you try this, you will never go back to the old way.  I can today, in less than a minute (because I've had a little practice), send 3 Form 100s to Supreme, the Field Service Agents, the GKs, and FSs of each council with candidates in the degree.
Give it a look and let me know what you think then distribute this link to your various council contacts and DDs, etc.  The contents of this video have been approved by Supreme.
Vivat Jesus!
Andy Airriess
Utah Immediate Past State Deputy


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