November 2014

Greetings Brother Knights,

November is the month in the Church Calendar dedicated to the Souls in Purgatory. It is traditionally the month when KofC families will gather at a Memorial Mass for those brothers who have died. We remember their passing, but we celebrate their lives and contributions. If you haven't started this tradition in your council yet, this would be a great year to begin.

The idea of a feast to mark our thankfulness to God, dates back to the 1600's (and earlier), and many communities celebrated on different dates. In the height of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the 4th Thursday in November 1863 as a day for all Americans everywhere to unite in a "Day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father" in heaven. The proclamation also mentions God's forgiveness for the nation's transgressions and the trust that He will heal and care for those affected by violence. In the midst of feasting, friends and football this year, don't forget to acknowledge God as the source of the blessings you enjoy, and to pray for His peace and protection in your future.

Speaking of transgressions, many of you are way behind on filing your council reports. Several of these reports were due very early in the fraternal year, and submission of them may have slipped through the cracks when your recently elected council officers assumed their new roles. Some of these are simple information forms (like Retention Committee, Special Olympics Ambassador, & Gibault Envoy) than can be completed in a minute or two. Others (like Quarterly Retention or Program Personnel) may take a little longer, but can still be completed and sent in quickly. While it is not preferred, we will accept these reports after the due date, but councils need to get up-to-date quickly. You will find the most recent version of the Activity Tracker (with all submitted forms noted) on the State KofC website at Activity Tracking (, so check it out to see how your council is doing. If you don't know whose responsibility it is to file the council forms, assume it is YOURS (if you're a GK or FS, it probably is) and get it done. Also, discuss between the GK and local Program Director how to make sure that activity reports are being filed in order to get your council the credit it deserves.

In this newsletter, the different Area Directors have articles highlighting some neat council activities, and providing details on new & existing programs. Be sure to read this newsletter in its entirety, and PASS ON the information at your Council meetings! Among other comments, the Directors will ask you to remember deceased members in a Mass, and to actively assist the pre-born by fighting against abortion. As the weather begins to cools down, they will remind you to help those in need of clothing, shelter and food by helping with the "Coats for Kids", "Habitat for Humanity", and "Food for Families" programs. They will also give info on tickets for SOS & Gibault, and ordering supplies for other youth programs.

Upcoming Dates of Significance:

  • ALL WEEK (11/2 to 11/9) Vocations Awareness Week (see for ideas)
  • Election Day - Nov 4th
  • Veterans Day - Nov 11th (parades, visitations, phone calls, letter writing, & prayers)
  • Thanksgiving Day - Nov 27th
  • Feast Days: All Saints 11/01 & All Souls 11/02, St Martin of Tours (patron of soldiers) 11/11, St Cecilia (patron of musicians) 11/22, Christ the King 11/23, St Nicholas (patron of brewers) 12/06, Immaculate Conception 12/08, Our Lady of Guadalupe 12/12

FORMS (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide)

  • Fall Church Drive Form (IN-CD1) is due Nov 1st
  • IRS Form 990 is due Nov 15th
  • Soccer Challenge Participation forms are due by 12/01
  • Order your Free Throw, Essay, and/or Poster KITS from Supreme if you haven't done so already
  • Organize work/support records now and collect individual information for easier compilation on the 1728 Fraternal Survey due in January

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
State Program Director
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Activity Tracking

Vivat Jesus!

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
Program Director
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