March 2017

Brother Knights,

In our Lenten preparation for Easter, now is a good time to refresh your knowledge of our Catholic religion.  The Knights of Columbus – Catholic Information Services (CIS) website has many resources for you to improve your knowledge during Lent and throughout the year -  The Catechism of the Catholic Church information can be found at 

A reminder that winter is the perfect time to catch up and submit any forms that your council is behind in. Forms are ALWAYS welcome before the due date, so get them completed/submitted early. Make sure to submit the required Spring Church Drive/Membership Blitz form after you complete your March - Spring Blitz Drive this month.

Spring is around the corner and there are a few upcoming items to keep in mind:

Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities (a.k.a. the “Tootsie Roll Drive”)


  • Make sure your council has completed all the requirements and submissions for the 2017 Indiana State Convention (April 28th – 30th) and, if staying overnight, book your room early at the hotels, due to another convention at the hotel that same weekend.
  • Information/downloads for the convention can be found on the State website at
  • Please remember to bring your council/assembly banner w/stand to set up in the hall, so the hall will be decorated with your council’s representation at the convention.
  • 4th degree members with regalia are invited to wear their regalia and be part of the procession for the Mass.
  • Note:  DO NOT Bring any Pull-Tabs to the convention; they will NOT be collected this year at the convention.  Your council is asked to take them to a local recycling center and send the money collected to the State for the donation.  Please contact State Youth Director, Walt Peycha, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


  • The goal of the State Directors and Chairmen is to help your council reach STAR COUNCIL. Please contact them if you have any questions or need further information and help.
  • Check the Activity Tracker (updated monthly) on the State Website to view your councils status -  
  • NOTE:  Supreme has announced an incentive for Star Council Award this year – Councils attaining the Star Council Award will receive a $4.50 credit for every active (billable) member on their roster on July 1, 2017.
  • Indiana councils who earn Supreme's Star Council designation will receive an additional $3.50 for each new member recruited this fraternal year. Indiana Star incentive checks will be mailed in August. 
  • IMPORTANT – A reminder that “Building the Domestic Church” program is now a REQUIREMENT for the Columbian Award and Star Council!  Please visit the Supreme website -  for further information about the program.  Make sure to use the latest form at the Supreme Forms webpage for the Columbian Award (SP7), since it has the checkbox next to each activity to also receive credit for the Building the Domestic Church for the same activity

Your council should be well under way with the calendar of events and activities for the coming year.  Please read the ALL of the sections of the State newsletter to see what is happening in the various areas around the State.  Make sure to submit your council’s activities right after they happen on the State’s activity form; it can be found on the state’s forms website -  

Complete/Submit ALL Forms

  • A reminder to get your forms completed and submitted for the year.  The winter season is a good time to catch up on any forms that your council is behind in - the forms will still be accepted for the information.
  • It is the Grand Knight's duty and responsibility to make sure that the council forms that are due to Supreme and the State are completed and submitted on time. The Grand Knight can have someone else in the council that has computer knowledge, complete and submit the forms, but must follow up with each form/activity, to make sure they have been submitted.
  • The “Survey of Fraternal Activity” that was due January 31st is a VERY IMPORTANT form for your council to complete and submit, since it shows the activity hours and monetary donations your council provides to the church and community and is used by Supreme to show the GREAT WORKS that the Knights of Columbus perform throughout the year.  If your council hasn’t submitted the form, PLEASE submit the form #1728 ASAP.  All forms should be submitted online or by e-mail to the proper personnel in PDF format, so please submit it NOW even if it’s late, so the numbers can be counted.

State Contests and Awards

  • Thank you to all the councils that submitted the State Service Program Award entries and the Outstanding Catholic Layperson, Outstanding Catholic Youth, Substance Abuse Poster Contest and Essay Contest.  By completing and submitting the entry forms, you are saying “Thank You” to your members and those that perform the work in your council, by recognizing the Great Deeds they accomplish.
  • The State winners will be announced at the State Convention in April.
  • For the details on the programs, please see the other sections in the newsletter and on the State website. Please contact the state director associated with the program if you need further info or assistance.


The State Program Guide ( has the answers to 9 out of 10 questions that we are asked, so it should be your 1st GO TO RESOURCE, when you have a question and need information about a program.  Page 12 in the guide is a good source regarding the Supreme and State forms and when they are DUE.  Please contact your District Deputy if you need help or have any questions.  There is now a quick-link to the Program Guide on the right side of the State’s main webpage (


  • It is very important that you and your council officers frequently check the State ( and Supreme ( websites for current events and information.  
  • It is imperative to constantly check your own councils e-mail account that the state created for your council and the State’s  IT Administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and IT Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) can help you in accessing your council's account.  Once logged in, you can have your council e-mails forwarded from your council e-mail account to your council officer’s personal e-mails, so they can be aware of the information being sent to the council.
  • NOTE:  DO NOT include any of the State’s e-mail addresses in your regular council business e-mails to your council members.  The State e-mail addresses are ONLY to be used to conduct business with the State.

Use the following link at our state website to submit all your council activities online (Soon after occurrence) at: and click on Activity Form.  Each council needs (4) qualifying activities in each category to satisfy the Pinta Award requirement.  Remember to save these reports to use for the Columbian Award (Form SP-7).  Remember, Building the Domestic Church program from Supreme is now a requirement for the Columbian Award and to achieve Star Council!  On the SP-7, there is a checkbox next to the other activities, if the activity is additionally to be credited for the Building the Domestic Church. 

State Golf Outing/Tournament 


Vivat Jesus!

Gil Spisak

State Program Director

Indiana State Council

 Four Pillars, One Mission!



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