April 2016

Happy Easter Brother Knights!

It’s been a terrific year for Programming in the state of Indiana. In addition to the many activity reports coming in all the time, we received 34 separate entries for outstanding service projects in the six program areas (Church –including Vocations, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family, & Youth) as well as 15 entries for Outstanding Catholic laymen, youth, and families. Now that the application deadline for the State competitive awards (pg33) has passed and the winning entries have been selected, the Directors and I are looking forward to the presentation of these “outstanding” awards at the upcoming State Convention. Speaking of the convention, have you sent in your registration materials and made your hotel reservations yet? The excitement is building, and you won’t want to miss out!

Many local councils recently participated in the Order-wide Church Drive in March, but remember that recruitment is also an on-going activity. Always remember how important it is to invite non-members to participate with you on service projects. You may find they have additional knowledge of people who can use our help, and your membership numbers will surely grow as these men and their families find out what types of activities and service our councils are actually engaged in. (Just think of how many people recently frequented your Lenten dinners.) You will still have until June 15th to complete and submit your activities to meet quotas for the State Discovery Awards (pp 31-32 of the IN Programming Guide) in membership and programming, but don’t put it off. As always, you can check your Council’s or District’s membership and activity progress by looking at the current Tracker on the State website at http://indianakofc.org/programs/program-director/activity-tracking

Every council I’ve ever visited has always told me about a variety of interesting programs that they host during the year, so I am still hoping that many of you are only (way) behind schedule in reporting to the State what you are actually doing. Please go to http://indianakofc.org/forms to remedy that, and soon, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you need clarification or have any type of questions about the tracking. Although the percent of Indiana councils submitting the required Supreme forms like Audits, Officers, & Service Personnel are higher than those submitting activities, they are still not at the 100% mark. Remember, that the awards structure at Supreme and in this State are there to help guide you in creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced council. DISCOVER the STAR! (Yeah, I’ll work on that )  Be sure to read this newsletter in its entirety and to check out events on the state website calendar ( http://indianakofc.org/calendar ) and to discuss the items at your business meetings.

Upcoming DATES of Significance

  • Formation & Knighthood [major] Degrees in Connersville & South Bend (4/10), in Bedford, Hobart, & Indy South (4/24), in Indy North (5/15)    http://indianakofc.org/degree/major-degree
  • 4th Degree Biennial Meeting in Seymour (04/09) or in Kokomo (04/10)
  • Conference Call for DDs/Officers/Directors Tuesday (04/19)
  • Indiana State Convention – April 29/30 thru May 1st (Indianapolis Eastside Marriott)
  • World Day of Prayer for Vocations (04/17) USCCB
  • Safe Haven Firetruck Pull Fundraiser (04/18) at Ft Wayne International Airport [see the flyer at the bottom of this article)
  • Ascension Thursday – May 5th , Feast of Pentecost – Sunday May 15th

FORMS     (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide)
Remember that all past-due forms for State or Supreme should still be completed and submitted NOW!

  • March Church Drive form (IN-CD2) was due by April 1st
  • Council Quarterly Delinquent Member Report form (IN-QDR4) is due by April 15th
  • Gibault Raffle Report form (IN-GR1) is due with Tickets at the State Convention in April
  • Support Our Seminarians form (IN-SOS1) & money can also be turned in at the Convention 
  • Food For Families Report, Roundtable Report, RSVP application, Columbian application forms are actually due to Supreme by Jun 30th (but why wait?)

Wishing you continued spiritual joys in this season of Easter,

Mike Worden
State Program Director
Indiana Knights of Columbus
[ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]


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