May 2016

Greetings Brother Knights! 

       What another great Indiana State Convention we just had. It was an active weekend to renew friendships, meet new brothers, celebrate achievements, learn about State and Supreme programs, submit Gibault & SOS donations, and elect Officers and Delegates. It’s amazing that all that can get accomplished in less than 48 hours and there is still time to celebrate Mass twice, eat multiple times, and socialize in the hospitality rooms, too. Consider marking April 28, 29, & 30 (2017) on your calendar now, so you won’t miss the next one. Among other items this time, Brother Marty McCoy was elected to be our next State Deputy and Brother Scott Schutte was elected to be our next State Advocate. You can find information about the Outstanding Service Projects and other awards that were given out at the following link. (

       We celebrated achievements at this year’s convention, but the fraternal year is certainly NOT finished yet. Many of your councils are on track to meet membership, insurance, and programming goals, and there is still time to finish strong if your council fell behind during the winter months. A little more than a month remains in this fraternal year, since all reports of activities and state forms must be received by JUNE 15TH in order to count for State Discovery Awards purposes in 2015-2016. (See pg 31 of the IN Programming Guide.) However, the sooner you get submissions and quotas completed, the better it will be for everyone. You can submit your State activities quickly and easily with the online activity form ( and you can track your council’s or district’s overall progress by viewing the activity tracker at (note the date at the top).  It is now time to fill out and submit your form SP-7 (Columbian award) by listing 4 activities in each of the 6 program areas. Remember that fulfilling all the requirements of a Supreme Featured Program can qualify you for all 4 activities in that category. You can find the form and instructions at, but please email a copy to me or I won’t be able to track it until it shows up later on Supreme’s records. You should also check the requirements for STAR COUNCIL

       Be sure to read this e-newsletter in its entirety and to discuss the items at your business meetings (or sooner). Along with other information in this month’s issue, you will find information about a new, but badly needed, program in the community concerning blood platelets. There are also details about Special Olympics programs – especially about the Summer Games in June. You can find an update about the Squires Program, and also the facts behind disability insurance. Continue to invite new members and non-members to participate WITH you on service projects. The new members usually need the individual invite to get involved, and you can give non-members a chance to see the kind of activities KofC members actually work on. It also gives you a chance to build a relationship and carry on a conversation with a potential prospect in a non-threatening way.


Upcoming Dates of Significance:

o 2nd/3rd Degrees on June 12th in Celestine (

o Memorial Day 05/30, Flag Day 06/14, Father’s Day (Consecration to Holy Family) 06/19

o Other Feast Days: Trinity Sunday 05/22, Corpus Christi 05/29

o Indiana State KofC GOLF Tourney is scheduled in Brookville July 16th/17th (see flyer below)


FORMS (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide)

o Anything with a due date before May 1st is late and needs to be submitted immediately! 

o All activities and forms need to be submitted no later than June 15th to count for the Indiana State Discovery awards 

o Several Supreme forms are due by June 30th, but don’t wait – submit them now!


I hope you finish the fraternal year strong in both programs and membership,

Mike Worden

State Program Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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