December 2014

Greetings Brother Knights,

Watching and Waiting is the title of a song on one of my favorite Moody Blues albums (that’s a big, black CD for you younger guys!). Every year at this time, I think about that song because I am reminded that Advent is a time of anticipation. As your parents probably told you long ago, having to do without something for a while actually makes you appreciate it that much more when you finally get it. Yes, we are looking forward to Christmas celebrations with food, presents, music, time off work, and especially time with family & friends, but mostly we are remembering and waiting for the birthday of Jesus. In spite of the efforts of retailers to commercialize this season and push our Lord out, we as Knights choose to keep Christ IN Christmas. However, the Season of Advent prepares us for more than just Dec 25th of each year. As we look back in history and contemplate the love and generosity of the Father and the strength of Mary and Joseph in providing us with our Savior and role model, we also look to the future and the 2nd coming of Christ. Advent is a time when we are reminded that the future is hopeful and that we should be constantly preparing ourselves for His return. As we are watching and waiting for that time, we will continue working to improve the world in which we presently live.

The Indiana Knights of Columbus congratulate Bishop Donald J. Hying on his recent appointment to lead the Diocese of Gary, and we welcome him to the Hoosier State.  We also thank retiring Bishop Dale J. Melczek for his many years of service. Please pray for both of these men as they enter this transition period in their lives. Speaking of transitions, I haven’t gotten feedback on any of the e-newsletters since starting as Program Director this summer and sometimes wonder, like Pink Floyd, ‘is there anybody out there’ getting these messages. So, I have a couple of gift cards for the first DD and the first non-State family person to email me about this paragraph after the newsletter comes out. In the meantime, continue to report on your council activities. As always, you will find the most recent version of the Activity Tracker (with all submitted forms noted) on the State KofC website at Check it out to see how your council is doing.

In this issue, the different Area Directors are spotlighting some good council activities. They and the State Chairmen also have good information about spreading the Light of Christ, spiritual reflection & growth in your council, fighting the culture of death, supporting seminarians through SOS & RSVP, and the early history of the Order and its insurance program. In addition, you’ll get hints about retention, results from athletic competitions, information about essay & poster contests and scholarships. Also provided are details about Supreme’s awesome Family initiative. Be sure to read this newsletter in its entirety, and PASS ON the information at your Council meetings!

Upcoming Dates of Significance:

  • ALL YEAR (Advent to 2/2/2016) Year of Consecrated Life (designated by Pope Francis)
  • State KofC mid-year Meeting – Dec 13th/14th
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day – Jan 19th
  • Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children – Jan 22nd
  • Feast Days: St Nicholas (patron of brewers) 12/06, Immaculate Conception 12/08, Our Lady of Guadalupe 12/12, Christmas 12/25, St Stephen (1sr Martyr) 12/26, Holy Family 12/28, Mary, Mother of God Jan 1st, Epiphany Jan 6th (obs 01/04)

FORMS         (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide)

  • Special Olympics Ambassador form was due Aug 1st (we expected many more of these)
  • Fall Church Drive form (IN-CD1) was due Nov 1st
  • Soccer Challenge Participation report form (4567) is due to Supreme by Dec 1st
  • Quarterly Delinquent Member report IN-DR3 is due Jan 15th
  • Survey of Fraternal Activity form (1728) is due to Supreme by Jan 31st
  • Partnership Profile with Special Olympics (4584) is due to Supreme by Jan 31st
  • Free-Throw Championship Report form (FT-1) is due to Supreme by Jan 31st
  • Semi-Annual Council Audit form (1295-2) is due to Supreme by Feb 15th

Remember that all past-due forms should still be completed and submitted ASAP!

Come, Lord Jesus!

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
State Program Director
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Activity Tracking

Vivat Jesus!

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
Program Director
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