January 2016

Happy New Year Brother Knights!

Now that the fraternal year is (more than) half over, please check your Council’s or District’s membership and activity progress by looking at the most current Tracker on the State website at http://www.indianakofc.org/programs/program-director/activity-tracking. Supreme form and membership records were taken directly from the Supreme website, while the State-level forms and activity records represent those submitted to the different State Directors. Clearly, we cannot help your council achieve its goals (and awards) if the activity reports and forms are not submitted. As I mentioned in the mid-year meeting a few weeks ago, early winter is a great time to get caught up on (past-due) forms and reports. (I would suggest looking in the areas of Retention, SOI-Ambassador, and Church Drives first.)

Many of your councils have completed unique and significant projects since the start of the fraternal year, and these are eligible for submission in the Outstanding Service Program Award competition. Although the entry form is located at the Supreme website (http://www.kofc.org/un/en/forms/council/state_serviceaward_p.pdf), the competition starts at the State level, so you need to submit your entry directly to the Area Program Director or to me. In addition to the 6 program area activity awards, we also have awards for an Outstanding Catholic Layperson, Youth, Family of the Year, and Vocations Project that will all be awarded at the Indiana State Convention in April. The deadline for submission of any of these awards is February 29th. Please refer to page 33 of the Indiana Programming Guide for details on these competitive awards, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you need some help.

In this month’s issue of the e-newsletter, the different State Directors are spotlighting some good council activities. They and the State Chairmen also have information about support for seminarians, Blue Masses, and a lot of Special Olympics events. You’ll get information about the bowling tournament, updating insurance, significant developments with Squires, and a lot more. You will have LOTS of service opportunities as Lent begins soon (Ash Wednesday is on Feb 10th), so remember to report the activities. Also, with the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes coming up in about a month (Feb 11th), this is a great time to honor a veteran by donating to the Warriors to Lourdes program. Make your council’s $75 donation check out to the Indiana State Council and mail it directly to the State Treasurer. Be sure to read this newsletter in its entirety, and PASS ON the information at your Council meetings!

Upcoming Dates of Significance:

  • Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children – Jan 22nd        (check Diocesan newspapers & websites for local observances and prayer sessions) 
  • Formation & Knighthood [major degrees] in Warsaw (1/23), at Notre Dame (2/21), at Brute’ Seminary in Indy (2/28)     http://indianakofc.org/degree/major-degree 
  • Deadline for submitting State Outstanding Project & other competitive awards – Feb 29th
  • Special Olympics Combine in Indianapolis – Feb 27th
  • 4th Degree in Muncie - March 5th            http://indianakofc.org/degree/fourth-degree/exemplification
  • KofC Leadership Training Sessions in Merrillville (2/27), in Ft Wayne (3/05), in Indy/Carmel (3/12), in Evansville/Newburg (3/19), in Columbus/Greensburg/Shelbyville (4/16)
  • ALL YEAR (Dec 8th to 11/20/2016) Jubilee Year of Mercy (designated by Pope Francis)
  • Feast Days: Presentation of the Lord (2/02), Ash Wednesday (2/10), Our Lady of Lourdes (2/11)
  • Men’s Conference in St Leon – March 5th  http://www.e6catholicmensconference.com  
  • Holy Family Conference in Kokomo – March 12/13th  http://www.holyfamilyconference.org

 FORMS     (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide)

 Remember that all past-due forms should still be completed and submitted ASAP ! !

  • Quarterly Delinquent Member report IN-DR3 was due Jan 15th
  • Survey of Fraternal Activity form (1728) is due to Supreme by Jan 31st
  • Partnership Profile with Special Olympics (4584) is due to Supreme by Jan 31st
  • Free-Throw Championship Report form (FT-1) is due to Supreme by Jan 31st
  • Semi-Annual Council Audit form (1295-2) is due to Supreme by Feb 15th

Vivat Jesus!

Mike Worden
State Program Director
Indiana Knights of Columbus
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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