October 2014

Greetings Brother Knights,

My favorite season of the year is finally here. I love the crisp, clear nights of autumn when I can look up and see a vast number of stars, because it reminds me of the immensity of God and of my own uniqueness. Our time in Heaven (God-willing) will be eternal, but our time spent on earth is limited. That night sky view reminds me of the many people who need our help, but also of the multitude of good works we can accomplish when we leverage our efforts through the KofC. During the daytime, I enjoy seeing the bright yellows and oranges of early fall replaced later by deep browns and reds. The red, white and blue of our Nation's Flag seem to stand out even more brightly and boldly when they are seen against the backdrop of other colors that are slowly fading. It fills me with both national pride and optimism.

The different Area Directors have articles filled with updates, new programs, and specific information this month, so be sure to read this newsletter in its entirety, and PASS ON the information at your Council meetings! Among other comments, they will ask you to "Make a Difference" in your Community, to pray the Rosary for your Church, to Build Up your Family, to Promote the Culture of Life, to Protect our Youth, and to stay up to date on your Council Forms.

As always, the most recent version of the Activity Tracker can be found on the State KofC website at, so check it out to see how you and your Brother Knights are progressing toward your goals this year (assuming that you are sending us your activities).

Upcoming Dates of Significance:

  • ALL MONTH (9/24 to 11/2) 40 Days For Life
  • Soccer Challenge State Finals - Oct 26th at Guerin Catholic HS (Noblesville)
  • Order-wide Church Drive - Oct 11th-12th (although we can also recruit every day)
  • 4th Degree Exemplification - Nov 1st-2nd in Batesville
  • Feast Days: St Mother Theodore Guerin (patroness of Indiana KofC) Oct 3rd
    St Francis of Assisi Oct 4th, All Saints Nov 1st, & All Souls Nov 2nd
  • Columbus Day Oct 12th (obs: 10/13), Election Day Nov 4th, & Veterans Day Nov 11th

FORMS (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide)

  • Quarterly Retention Report (IN-QDR2) is due by Oct 15th.
  • Free Throw, Essay, and/or Poster KITS should be ordered from Supreme soon
  • Fall Church Drive Form (IN-CD1) is due Nov 1st
  • IRS Form 990 is due Nov 15th

The information at the bottom of this article was a communication from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson concerning the upcoming elections. You may have received it before, but I urge you to re-read his message and to take action on it.

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
State Program Director
[ ]

Worthy Grand Knight:
On November 4th, our nation will go to the polls to elect those who will represent us at the national, state and local levels of government. We Knights have always taken seriously our civic responsibility to participate in the election process, and to encourage others to do so as well. In Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops declared, "In the Catholic Tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation."

In this spirit, and in solidarity with our bishops and priests, I ask you to cast your vote in November, and to encourage your family and friends to vote as well. But this year, I'd like to ask you to do even more: please participate in our "Nonpartisan, National Get Out the Vote Program" designed to ensure that your brother Knights, fellow parishioners and others in the community are all able to get to the polls on November 4th. Many people, especially the elderly and the handicapped, are not able to drive themselves to the polls, and need our help in getting there.

I ask that you, as Grand Knight, appoint a "Get Out the Vote Program" coordinator for your council. He should be responsible for organizing and coordinating transportation efforts on Election Day, and will serve as your council's main contact person. Next, sign up volunteers for Election Day among your council members, and have someone on call to provide transportation during the entire time the polls are open in your community.

Please promote this program at your October meeting, and through all available means of communication - your council newsletter, e-mail list and Web site, and in your parish bulletin. Ask your pastor to make an announcement from the pulpit about your "Get Out the Vote Program" initiative during Masses on the weekend of November 1st - 2nd. To help you get the word out, sample documents - a news release, a bulletin insert and a pulpit announcement - are available at

I am making a similar request of Fourth Degree Faithful Navigators, and invite you to coordinate your efforts with them.

Your work can make a big difference in voter turnout this year, and I thank you in advance for making it possible for everyone who wants to vote to do so. Get out the vote!


Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight

Activity Tracking

Vivat Jesus!

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
Program Director
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