July 2015

As you make and discuss plans for cookouts, parades, visiting with friends, traveling, camping, boating, etc. for this big holiday weekend, I hope you will also remember to think about WHY you have so many options on how to spend an extra day off. We celebrate July 4th as "Independence Day", but in reality there is a huge difference between declaring independence and earning independence (just ask a teenager). In the case of this country earning it took FIVE more years of battle, effort, and many lives before the surrender at Yorktown. This weekend, remember to fly your flag proudly and make sure you take time to thank God for providing us with many freedoms and the people (past and present) willing to work so we can enjoy them. I have always found it interesting how a declaration of IN-dependence for a group so quickly caused the individual members of that group to DE-pend upon each other in the battles. These patriots all gained strength through the reliance on their brotherhood and in their common goals. Like we see in the KofC, the sum of our efforts can be much greater than our individual work, and volunteering side-by-side makes the experience richer. I hope you continue to appreciate and enjoy the blessings of liberty that we owe in part to that group of men who were willing to take a stand and work together to back it up.

The 2014-2015 Fraternal Year has now ended, and I hope you will soon see that your council has qualified for some level of awards. However, the hardware you receive from the State or from Supreme is not nearly as important as the intrinsic reward you get from assisting those in your parishes, your communities, and from contributing to state-wide and international projects. It's been a great year in Indiana, and we want to continue and to increase the many good works that were accomplished over the past 12 months. Don't let your council take the summer off and have to go through a harder restart later. You can keep this from happening if you have a Leadership Transition Meeting in July. Utilize your council's 1728 form from January, the last activity tracker, your Columbian application, and your last year's planning calendar to generate discussion on what you have done previously and what your new council leaders want to accomplish in the next year. Two great goals for this meeting would be to have the first 6 months of activities penciled in to your council's calendar, and to make sure the communication (email) process is understood. Summer is a time that is rich with opportunities for events that appeal to and attract families. Remember to invite non-members to your service and social activities to let them see for themselves what we do and to help in your early recruitment efforts this year.

Be sure to read this e-newsletter in its entirety and to discuss the items at your business meetings (or sooner). Also, remember that several forms are due very soon, to assist with communication.

Upcoming Dates of Significance:

FORMS         (see pg11 of the IN Program Guide & submit EARLY if you can)

  • Report of Officers Chosen (form 185) is due to Supreme by July 1st
  • Retention Committee Report (IN-RC1) is due by July 15th
  • Quarterly Retention Report (IN-QDR1) is due by July 15th
  • Service Program Personnel Report (form 365) is due to Supreme by Aug 1st
  • Gibault Envoy Report (IN-GE1) is due by Aug 1st
  • Special Olympics Ambassador Report (IN-SOI-AMB) is due by Aug 1st
  • Council Audit (form 1295) is due to Supreme by Aug 15th
  • Soccer Challenge Kits (form SC-KIT) should be ordered from Supreme soon

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
State Program Director
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Activity Tracking

Vivat Jesus!

Mike Worden
Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council
Program Director
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