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January 2021

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Worthy Brother Knights,

Jonathan Reyes Supreme Senior Vice President of Evangelization and Faith Formation reminds us:  "Our goal is to help men; their families and our parishes grow closer to Christ through our programs and resources."  Our "faith" is the fuel that runs our engine.  Carl Anderson has said many times, “If we don't have faith, we are just another charity".  During these challenging times it has become clear that we need to make an extra effort to reconnect and engage our members, parishioners, and Priests.  Eventually the restrictive social distancing measures will be lifted.  When the time comes, we must be ready to invite all to come back to Church, participating in the Holy Mass.  
Over Thanksgiving I shared to all the district deputies information on a spiritual reflection program called “The Veil Removed” approved by supreme.   The program counts as two faith activities and is designed to discover the beauty of the Mass.  The website is   At this web site you can watch the short promotional video.  They have supportive literature as well as a study guide for small group discussion. The council of knights should be the facilitators to launch this one-day faith activity, they do not have to lead it.  It is important to meet with the parish Priest and parish groups sharing this information and asking them to join your efforts.  An invitation by phone, mail, social media to "come back to Church” and join us in conversation to discuss the Holy Mass is critical.  The knights could provide lunch and a table promoting K of C membership.  Mass should be celebrated immediately following the discussion groups.  Now is the time to plan, targeting a day during the lent season.  It is critical that we step up and embrace this amazing program promoting the Mass.  
The question of “How do we get people back into the pews?"  is a great concern.  Driven by the Holy Spirit, a group in Iowa filmed “The Veil Removed” before the pandemic as an answer to that question.  They never expected the film would launch just before COVID-19 began closing churches!  By God's grace, more than 10 million individuals have watched, been touched, and been transformed by this film.   The Veil Removed was created to inspire Catholics and get them back to Mass with a new understanding of the Eucharist.  Here is the link to the video, The Veil Removed.
Thank you for being a leader and stepping up for the Church this New Year!
Jesus Lives Through Us,
Mark Michuda
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State Faith Director
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