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October 2020

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Worthy Brother Knights,

"Holy Hour" is a featured program by supreme that asks us to participate four times a year with our parish.  These are very challenging times, I can not think of a better program than getting down on our knees to spend an hour with Jesus Christ.
Supreme webinar teaches that a council is in service to the parish, here are their six ways to communicate with your parish Priest.
1) Ask how can we be of service to him.
2) Ask for his direction.
3) Ask to review calendar parish for the year.
4) Explain "faith in Action" programs
5) Ask to be a part of parish leadership team.
6) Be the group that the Pastor can count on.
The Ft. Wayne/SB diocese newspaper printed an excellent article regarding Fr. McGivney by interviewing our state chaplain Fr. Kopil.  The article is titled "Hoosier Knights anticipate Father McGivney beatification."   We will be sharing more information on the beatification Mass soon.

Jesus Lives Through Us,

Mark Michuda
State Faith Director

260 760-1705




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