MAY 2017

(Click HERE for complete CIC minutes report in PDF)

Upcoming Events:

Baseball Night – The game is on June 29th and the cost for the package with dinner, beer and soft drinks, and transportation is $10.00. A flyer will be developed to publicize the game.  Residents of Gibault will attend.  Motion to fund Gibault guests up to $300 carried.  Motion to fund up to $100 of costs of Gibault guests at the June 10 Fort Harrison Outdoor Experience carried. (Click HERE for flyer.)

USCCB Spring Meeting (June 14-16) - We will be called on for logistics support between June 13 and 17.  Details will be provided, but we are not part of the Archdiocese planning process.

NCYC – Expanded Chapter mission will include hospitality and logistics for all entertainers in the facility.  We will also have a Knights booth.  There are costs involved and it is anticipated that the State Council will be putting up funds and an effort is expected to get other jurisdictions at the Supreme Convention to pony up as well.  There remains an unpaid table fee of $10,00 from the NCYC last year.



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