Community Director

January 2020

Brother Knights,

By now your council should have a plan for successful programs in 2019-2020.  There have been updates and minor changes to a few of the community programs.  Please click on the following links for more information:

Of course, these are the Supreme programs listed under Faith In Action - Community.  As always here in Indiana, we are very supportive of other youth and community efforts such as Gibault, Blood Drives, Tootsie Roll Drives that can benefit community organizations just to name a few.

As of mid-December, I have received 100 Form 10784s and most of them were impressive activities...15 were filed as Helping Hands and more could have been.  I responded to five or six councils that they should consider filing an STSP for State Programming awards because they appeared to be really strong programs.  However, I must remind a few councils that simply cutting a few checks at a business meeting is not an activity to be reported on the 10784…the activity is what was done to raise the funds.  I have also received 26 Blood Drive Reports with a total of 610 units of blood collected.  I really would appreciate it if your council program director could complete a Form 10784 for Blood Drive activities even though you have filed the BD state form.  This could serve you well in that it could even qualify as a required Helping Hands activity.  I have also received 18 Tootsie Roll Drive Report copies.  Here again, if the Tootsie Roll Drive was done for Special Olympics, you could file a Form 10784 and report it as a LIFE activity.  Or if the Tootsie Roll Drive was for Gibault, file the Form 10784 as a COMMUNITY activity.

Also, please remember to comply with the SAFE Environment program to work with youth at both the Supreme level as well as your Diocesan requirements.  Remember that if you do not comply with the SAFE Environment program, you will not win any awards and we all need to make sure we are protecting our youth in every way we can.  The DDs have reports that show which councils are not yet in full compliance.  Let’s get this done! 

The State Free Throw Contest is scheduled at Guerin Catholic High School in Noblesville on March 1st, 2020. This means the regionals will be held in the last two weekends of February, the Districts need to be done in the first two weekends of February and, by default, your council free throw shoots need to be done in January.  Andy Gorgol is working on the regional schedule and it will be sent to all DDs in the next few weeks.  Please consider hosting the district event and coordinate with your DD.  DDs should start finding out which councils are having an event and set a date for early February for a District event.        

Please contact me with any of your questions and we can find answers.      


Joe Erpelding 

Community Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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