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August 2018

A footnote to the horse story.  These horses were provided through the “Indiana Horse Rescue” (  They need help and it’s an opportunity for a Council Community activity.  Their Frankfort barns were recently damaged by lightning strikes and need to be rebuilt.  Councils should contact either DD38 John Jones or the Indiana Horse Rescue (765-601-4104).   [from SD Paul Zielinski]

See the online Catholic Moment with THREE separate articles about KofC projects by following THIS LINK.


Brother Knights,

In planning your council activities for the current year, please review the new program model for Community activities listed below.  These are the recommended activities from Supreme for the Columbian Award.  However, the Faith In Action guidebook does state “The programs highlighted here are meant to inspire your council to put their faith into action.  Your council may choose to conduct one or more of these programs or develop programs unique to your parish or community.”  My interpretation of this statement as your new Indiana Community Director is that the programs the State describes in the Indiana Program Guide such as Gibault, Blood Drives, Warriors to Lourdes, Honor Flight and the Tootsie Roll Drive can be tailored to qualify for Supreme requirements as well.  Don’t hesitate to submit them and we will work together to determine what can qualify as a Helping Hands activity or something else for Supreme.

If your council is planning on hosting a Soccer Challenge event, you should order a kit from Supreme as soon as possible and get your venue scheduled.  The State Finals are October 21st at Mother Guerin High School so working backwards…the Regionals need to be in the first two weekends of October…the Districts need to be in the last few weeks of September and so your council event should be scheduled for early September.  Check with your DD to make sure and offer to host the District event or Regional event as well.

Also, please remember to be in compliance with the SAFE Environment program to work with youth at both the Supreme level as well as your Diocesan requirements.  

New FAITH IN ACTION Model - Supreme Recommended Programs

  • Coats for Kids (featured program - counts for 2 on Columbian)
  • Global Wheelchair Mission (featured program - counts for 2 on Columbian)
  • Habitat for Humanity (featured program - counts for 2 on Columbian)
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Free Throw Championship
  • Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
  • Soccer Challenge
  • Helping Hands (new - required for Columbian)


Joe Erpelding 

Community Director

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Celebrate our heritage of liberty by planning events for Constitution Week, September 17-23. Sponsor a display or a speaking program at a local library or plan a similar event. Encourage all Third Degree Knights to reach their full potential of Knighthood by joining the Fourth Degree-the patriotic degree.

Focus public attention on heart disease-a leading cause of death, but a disease where the risk can be decreased. Bulletin boards, newsletter articles, and public forums should highlight National Cholesterol Education Month in September. A high blood cholesterol level is one of the three major modifiable risk factors. Encourage people to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)-the procedure for use in case of cardiac emergencies. Coordinate with the Red Cross or your local heart association to plan public information events.

Many thanks to the councils that hosted a blood drive. Giving blood saves lives, and the need for blood is inexhaustible. With your efforts so far this fraternal year 1,949 units of blood were collected, which exceeds last year’s total through all of June of 1,910 units of blood, blood that could help a sick infant, a burn victim, someone battling a serious disease, or an accident victim. Great work! Way to get behind those life saving donations. Can we get to 2,200 units by the end of June? Thanks to all Knights who raised their sleeve to help their fellow man. 


  • Indiana - Knights of Columbus
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