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March 2023

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Hard to believe it is March already!   Many good & charitable things happening with our Catholic Faith and the Knights of Columbus – as we continue our Lenten journey towards Easter.

 Indiana Military Chaplain “Sponsorship Program” One thing you will hear from our Veterans Affairs Working Group at the State Convention in May is more details/ information about our continually emerging & developing Sponsorship Program for Priests currently serving members of our US Armed Forces as Military Chaplains; as well as those Seminarians from one of the 5 Indiana Dioceses who have discerned a calling after their Ordination to eventually serve as a Military Chaplain.   We now have a fairly complete list of Indiana Military Chaplain Priests and Seminarians – and are in the process of contacting individual Priests for ideas how our Knights – through our Councils and Assemblies – can assist in their ministry.   For example, I recently received a response from US Navy Chaplain LT Fr Jacob Meyer, now serving onboard the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 – a Nimitz Class nuclear powered aircraft carrier homeported at Yokosuka, Japan.  (Fr Jacob is from the FT Wayne- South Bend Diocese – having served at ST Charles Borromeo in FT Wayne and St Monica in Mishawaka).   He writes: 

 “Some of the things that I am working on is trying to increase participation in Catholic programing and Sacraments, and just building good foundational relationships.  As you can imagine, many of our young sailors are skeptical of religion in general and not apt to participate. While we are underway it is difficult to incentivize their participation.  .... Some of the ideas I have are “Catholic Movie nights” and a couple of book studies.  My hope is to get some food and beverages that would entice folks to come.  Would that be something the Indiana K of C would support?” 

NOTE:  Fr Jacob also mentioned receiving more copies of our State Trifold Brochure on the 5 Catholic Military Chaplain recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor, as well as religious books/ pamphlets on Saints, etc.

 Our Veterans Affairs Working Group is now reviewing this input from Fr Meyer and two other Indiana Priests/ Military Chaplains – so we can help accommodate requests, as well as potentially create a “Military Chaplain Sponsorship “Kit/ Package” comprised of basic/ core Catholic Chaplain items - that we could then supplement with specific request items from each Indiana Military Chaplain.

STAY TUNED!  More to follow in the April & May Newsletters, State Convention - and with personal visits to Councils and Assemblies.  

HELP FIGHT POTENTIAL BOREDOM!!   FYI.  Members of your Indiana K of C Veterans Affairs Working Group (Rick Santangelo – Indy area; Pat Glavin/ Jerry Bromley – NW Indiana; Steve Lutz – NE Indiana) stand ready & available to visit your Council or Assembly meeting to talk about our various State initiatives, including:

-      “Warriors to Lourdes” International Military Pilgrimage

-       Military Chaplain Sponsorship Program/ 5 Catholic Chaplains -Medal of Honor

-       Blessed Fr McGivney “Co-Sponsored Seminarian” Scholarships

-       Volunteer Service Opportunities within the 5 Indiana VA Medical Centers

-       Participation in the US Library of Congress’s FREE “Veterans Living History Program”

-      Our State K of C Veteran Living History Program (almost 40 Indiana Knight Bio’s to date)

-       Availability of Brochures & “Trade Show” Style Banners for use at Council/ Assembly

Just call Steve Lutz (260.341.7556) to submit a request for your future meeting Speaker!

STATE CONVENTION BREAKOUT SESSION:  Military Chaplains & Co-Sponsored Seminarians:   Our Veterans Affairs Working Group will be hosting a Breakout Session at our annual State Convention in Indianapolis.  Right now, several Breakout Sessions are to be conducted on Friday, 5 May in the afternoon.  We had a very well-attended Breakout Session at the 2022 State Convention in FT Wayne talking about “Warriors to Lourdes” as well as “Military Chaplains”.   Having Breakout Sessions on Friday afternoon is a new approach for State Conventions – so I recommend you watch for future announcements of the Convention Breakout Session topics being offered, as well as planning to get to Indianapolis earlier than past years (REMINDER:  Mini-Marathon race in downtown Indy on Saturday, 6 May – so getting to the Hotel/ Convention site on Saturday morning will be most challenging!)

 National Viet Nam War Veterans Day is March 29th (based on the day that the last US troops were withdrawn from VN in 1973).  This is a day of recognition for all those who served in the US Armed Forces in Viet Nam and surrounding waters – and citizens are encouraged to fly the US Flag that day in honor of these Veterans.  We also have many Viet Nam Veterans in our Parishes, K of C Councils/ Assemblies and local communities – so a simple “THANK YOU” and the words “WELCOME HOME” expressed to these Veterans is always greatly appreciated.

 The Power of One!   While this is not a Veterans Affairs functional K of C activity – I always want to remind our Brother Knights and Councils/ Assemblies that we have a tremendously dedicated and successful resource working to help devastated communities during times of various natural disasters.  Our State Warden (Bill McDonald) and his “Indiana K of C Disaster Response Team” have brought hope, service and tangible results to many people, churches and communities over the past several years.  The stories and testimonials of their selfless service have helped relieve much suffering, as well as brought great credit to the Knights of Columbus and our Catholic Faith.  But – they need our support to have the tools, resources and items available to continue their Mission in the future.  Bill McDonald calls it the “POWER OF ONE” – and I want to join him in asking that Councils, Assemblies and even individual Knights to donate & achieve the equivalent donation sum of $1.00 per Indiana Knight so we can “keep the lights on” and good works flowing (that would equal ~$33,000.)

Please make your Check donations to the

 Indiana State Council, Charity Fund Inc.    

Send to:  IPSD Paul Zielinski 4974 Roxbury Ct. Pittsboro, In 46167


Steve Lutz
Indiana State Veterans Affairs Chairman
PGK/ FDD/ US Army (R)
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