April 2018

My Brothers for Life,

The State government of the State of Indiana has for years voted for many Pro-Life issues. Our state has been ranked in the top ten active Pro-Life states in the nation. The most recent statistic has placed Indiana at number seven. The Indiana Knights of Columbus have also been a positive force in the efforts to support all Culture of Life Issues. 

So far this fiscal year beginning on July 1st of 2017 we have not seen the usual number of councils accomplishing Culture of Life activities. The council donations to the Indiana State Culture of Life Fund have also been lagging somewhat. As of our last activity posting only 52 councils have tuned-in activities and only 22 have made contributions.

If your council needs some ideas of what kind of activity can be performed, go to the State web site, www.indianakofc.org and you will find opportunities for your members to enact positive and public actions that will satisfy your council’s requirements. 

We are coming to a close of the fiscal year and councils still have time to make a positive impact for Life. What your council does CAN and WILL save the lives of BABIES! It will also help a Mother in raising that child because of the many wonderful Pregnant Care Centers that we support. 

There is a wonderful saying that should make every K of C member realize that only HE can be the hands of our Lord. 

            If not me……….who?

            If not now…….when?

     It is up to YOU and the time is NOW!


“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

  But…….. LIFE ALWAYS comes FIRST!


 Your brother for Life,

Michael Velasco

Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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