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September 2020

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Worthy Brother Knights and Faithful Readers,

As Summer comes to an end and we begin the Fall season not a lot has changed for the better since the middle of March.  Although some people have returned to work, but only to find that it might be worse having to wear a mask with extra working hours. Others are still waiting for a possible call to return to work. Schools are reopening with a few issues on how to safely protect the children and faculty as well. Everyone is doing something different in these difficult times.  How we have dealt with the stress of the situation these several months is also different.  Prayer life has been tested.  Families have been strained by internal issues stemming from lack of income, or socializing with others outside the company of family.

During these times family should be the place and people that we turn to the most.  Even if we as fathers are struggling with issues that we don’t want to show and cover it up with other things that cause more issues.  Mothers are the link pins that normally hold a family together during these type of times.  The children are usually along for the ride with things going on with school and home. We as not only Fathers, but Parents should be teachers of the Faith in the home even if time is limited to just a few moments an evening.

Prayers before work and school in the mornings. Prayers before and after meals as a family as much as possible.  Nightly prayers before going to bed may seem embarrassing to a teenager, but it might be the memory of a lifetime that they never forget.

Council Family Directors please remember to complete the Family of the Month form that is due the 15th of the month.

Also remember to submit Deceased Brothers to Supreme and to Copy the State Family Director as needed.

The Perpetual Memorial Fund is a good way of remembering members and Family members during these times if you’re unable to attend services.

Use your Rosary “Our Spiritual Weapon” as a family during the next few months to pray for our families and Country.

Ryan Borden

State Family Director

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