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August 2019

       download Supreme Family of the Month (FOM) report for JUNE (includes participating councils and winning councils)  #7235,  #7431  & #13142


When we became Knights we were asked to carry the Rosary and Pray it often. While waiting the other day in the airport for my flight, I happened upon an article on “We Asked Knights if They Carry a Rosary”. They had posted on Twitter and Instagram “Are you carrying a Rosary right now?” The response was an outstanding “Yes” by several Brothers with pictures and testimonials about their Rosary. I quote from Supreme “The Rosary Program is one of the Knights of Columbus’s signature programs. By encouraging devotion to Mary, the patroness of the Knights of Columbus, members emphasize the importance of prayer in their parishes, communities, and families.”

Carrying and using your Rosary are two different things. Does carrying your Rosary make you feel secure? Then be secure and pray it! I’m guilty of this myself. I don’t want to offend or upset someone by publicly praying my rosary. I pray it daily while driving as part of my own quiet time with the Holy Trinity and Mary. As a family we often pray the Rosary between destinations. Shouldn’t we be secure enough to pray the Rosary with our wife and children daily in our own home? What about praying the Rosary in front of people of the same mindset before mass? Be secure pray the Rosary in front of your family and ask them to join you. Then as a family pray the Rosary before mass. Let others know that you are strong in your faith by putting it into action. Good things can become habits too! You never know who might be watching and then duplicate what they see you doing. Remember your Parish is your Family too! Have your council order some copies of “A Scriptural Rosary for the Family”. Building the Domestic Church has to start somewhere so let it begin with you!

Keep sending in your FOM form to Supreme and copying This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking forward to a great fraternal year. 

  Ryan Borden

  State Family Director

Also at the State Convention were the winning Keep Christ in Christmas Posters.  They were displayed at the Family Table in the atrium. If you didn’t see them here they are shown below. Remember to plan ahead to promote this program in 2019.

Mary Reidy Council 12741 Age 11-14
Kiersten Lutz Council 9706 Age 8-10
Adalina Bacon Council 12741 Age 5-7


As a new Director and with the new format of Faith In Action that was given to us all this year, I believe we all did well.

It’s now time for us to improve on all the accomplishments from the past year


Strengthen Our Families and Revitalize Our Parishes.

Vivat Jesus! Fraternally, 

Ryan Borden, State Family Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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