Family Director

December 2018

The following letter received from Supreme calls for MAJOR participation in a Novena this month that culminates with a Consecration to the Holy Family on Dec 30th.

I encourage ALL Knights and Councils to work to make this happen.

This December we have an amazing opportunity to entrust thousands of families to the patronage of the Holy Family. Our hope and goal is for as many families as possible to begin preparations this Advent for a consecration to the Holy Family to take place on Dec. 30th, the Feast of the Holy Family. As you may know, the 30th is a Sunday. Because it falls on a Sunday, we were hoping the consecration could take place at the end of each Mass. This way it would require minimal effort on the part of the council and parish, and give that many more families the opportunity to participate in the Consecration. Of course this is at the discretion of the pastor, but something I am hoping you will discuss with him and your council.

Any consecration requires adequate spiritual preparation. I would like to direct you to the resources we have to help guide and prepare families at In addition to these resources you could also direct them to the Keep Christ in Christmas prayer materials and Building the Domestic Church kiosk booklets, "A Scriptural Rosary for the Family" and/or the booklets on Mary and Joseph.

Again, we encourage you to advertise this to your council families and fellow parishioners soon so they can prepare and dive more deeply into the season of Advent and the Incarnation. You will also want to order the prayer cards for the day of the consecration. These and other program materials can be ordered through Officers Online under Family Programs.

If you have any questions please contact your state Family Directors. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your council brothers.

Call to action:

  1. Discuss as a council and with your pastor about coupling the Consecration to the Holy Family with Mass on Dec. 30th.
  2. Advertise this to the parish to provide adequate time to prepare for Consecration throughout Advent.
  3. Direct parishioners to printable support documents or order more online.
  4. Order Prayer Cards for the day of the consecration.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely in Christ,

Sean Pott

Program Manager, Faith Initiatives

Knights of Columbus


I’m a collector of Coleman Lanterns, Stoves, and Heaters. Each of these can help you and your family when you’re out camping. I look at each of these as the Trinity! The Lantern as Jesus, the Light that leads me down the path I will follow. The Stoves as God the Father Almighty, that gives us bread the food that we should live by daily in our Christian Faith! The Heaters as the Holy Spirit, which should burn and keep us warm daily.

Remember that we are to be the light for our family. Show them how much you love your Catholic Faith. Talk with your Brother Knights about conducting a family Rosary night. As we approach the holiday seasons, conduct a Helping Hands Project, help out in a soup kitchen, or pass out food that you have collected to families in need at a food pantry.

October is the time for dedication to our Holy Mother. Remember that Mary was the first person to say Yes to God and her Son Jesus. Without Mary God’s New Covenant never would have happened. But as we get closer to Christmas we should also remember Joseph. Joseph’s dream to not divorce Mary before the marriage would have destroyed the whole plan God has set before us.

Is now not the time for us to recommit ourselves to the Holy Family? This is part of our Faith, and a part of our own families. Mary believed in the Word of God, then why would we not believe Now? Consecration to the Holy Family is now and ever shall be a part of our Faith Life.

November and December are months that seem to be more devoted to our families. Thanksgiving is spent looking back at the Blessings we have received over the past year. Christmas by giving gifts to the ones we love to show them just how much they truly mean to us. Also, remember to give thanks to God for what he has done for your family. The ultimate Christmas gift that he gave to you and your family so long ago. Make this time of the year a time for Family Events. Decorating your Parish, setting up the Nativity Scene, Lighting of a Council Tree, but always remember to “Keep CHRIST-in-CHRISTmas”.

Faith In Action”, make your Council and Family React to Our Catholic Faith by giving them some great Daily Bread in programs that will have an impact for a lifetime.

  • Food for Families (Featured & 2 Credits toward Star Council)
  • Family of the month/year
  • Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Family Fully alive
  • Family week
  • Consecration to the Holy Family (Required for Star Council)
  • Family Prayer night (New)
  • Good Friday Family Promotion (New)

Remember these items that need to be done throughout the year. Again The Family of the Month Program by your Councils Family Director & Committee should pick a Family each Month by filling out Supreme form (1993A) and turn it into the State Family Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and also to Supreme. Never Forget Deceased Brothers and Family Members should be reported to the State Family Director (IN-DB2), so that they can be remembered during State Masses especially during the State Convention. Help them to be Remembered with the Perpetual Memorial Society which provides us a way to remember and pray for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones. Anyone is welcome to enroll by filling out State form (IN-PMS1). If a single donation is equal to or more than $200.00 a Knight’s of Columbus Commemorative Cross will be shipped to the donors address. Donations are put into the Christopher Fund and then the earnings from the account presented to the Indiana Bishops on an Annual Basis.

Congratulations to these Indiana Knights and their families for being selected so far this Fraternal year by Supreme for Family of the Month:

  • June 7839-Micheal Keith, and 16454-Frank Kanowsky
  • July 563-Gary Benefiel, and 8746-Jay VanHoosier
  • August 726-Sergio Villagómez, and 13971-James Skora
  • September 1014-David Mettler, and 16454-George Moll

Strengthen Our Families and Revitalize Our Parishes.

Ryan Borden

State Family Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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