Culture of Life Chairman

May 2022

Brother Knights,

Don't Miss! Watch the Exclusive Sneak Peek—The Matter of Life

Time is running out. Join with over 25,000 people who have registered to watch the exclusive sneak peek of The Matter of Life. Get an early look at this award-winning documentary that features the powerful stories of women before it hits theaters on May 16th and 17th.

We stand at a critical point in history where the question of abortion is being debated in the highest courts, and Roe v. Wade, a case that has granted a generation of women the right to abortion, is now being challenged. 

The Matter of Life steps into the topic of abortion with tasteful reality and loving grace. Finally, a film on abortion that churches can feel confident in sharing with their congregations!

Now, more than ever, it is important for everyone to know where they stand on abortion and why. It’s time to understand the pro-life case and form beliefs on more than what is said in the media.

Featuring the stories of women, former abortion clinic workers, historians, religious workers, pro-life atheists, and many more, The Matter of Life stresses entering this conversation with understanding, love, and support. Doing so is critical to save the lives of the unborn and to care for the women who carry them.

Share this sneak peek with your friends, family, and even your entire church before it is in select theaters nationwide on May 16th and 17th!

Viva Cristo Rey!

Mike Velasco
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Culture of Life Director
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Vivat Jesus


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