August 2019

Brother Knights,

The State Officers, Directors, Chairmen and District Deputies just finished a three-day organizational meeting in the Ft. Wayne convention center.  We put together a plan that supports, promotes and simplifies councils' program activities that are "Changing Lives and Saving Lives"  through the Faith In Action program.  

We have eliminated twelve forms and added three new forms in the interest of streamlining form submission for the council leadership.  We are making every effort to make your job easier. IN-Form1 on page 38 in our state program guide is for the contact information of the Gibault Envoy, Special Olympics Ambassador and Retention chairman. In rare cases when the Grand Knight is the contact person, simply enter the Grand Knight contact information. 

District Deputy Council Checklist ( DD CL) is on page 40 of the state program guide and is for the District Deputies to assist each of their councils and communicate to their assigned Director.  This information will be tracked and used for our new DISCOVERY AWARDS page 30 in the state program guide. 

The final change is our activity submission process.  All activity submission is using the form #10784 .  This form is filed electronically and is sent to Supreme as well as a data base managed by the State IT personnel.  For more information click on this link.( 

We spent the weekend discussing and praying for the  Knights of Columbus, deceased knights and religious.  A 4th degree knight Rick Jennings made the 60 ft. rosary pictured below, as all of the leadership participated in the weapon of our Church - the Holy Rosary.


The success of your council is changing lives and saving lives through your charitable acts of love and works of mercy.  This depends on your leadership.  Please attend your district meeting to get a better understanding of how we are working together to accomplish these goals.  I am praying for all the Grand Knights, thank you so much for being a leader!  Your council is relying on you.

Vivat Jesus,

Mark Michuda

program Director

260 622-4042


“We are here to help each other

walk the mile and bear the load”

     (the servant song)




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