September 2020

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I’m pleased to see how many councils are active and getting work done. By the reports coming in and the reports I’m getting from the district deputies, I can see we have already hit the ground running. Let us continue with that momentum and keep moving in the right direction.

How many councils have met with their pastors yet? If you haven’t, please schedule an appointment with your pastor to see how your council can assist him, especially during these trying times. When your pastor thinks of his local council, he should feel as if you are the first ones he can turn to for some help. District deputies, please check with your grand knights to see if they have completed this task. A great idea would be for each district deputy to call a meeting with each of his grand knights and their respective pastors to sit down and chart a course of action for each council to meet the needs that the priest may have and needs attention.

Did you know that the video series “Into the Breach” is available for download on the supreme website? All council officers and council leadership should view this wonderful series. Please click on this link for more information: Inspired by the Apostolic Exhortation for Catholic men written by Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix, the Knights of Columbus produced a video series which seeks to answer the question of what it means to be a man and how to live as a man in today's world.

Since 1948, CIS has been the major evangelical arm of the Knights of Columbus. Through multiple booklet series and various media formats, CIS makes our Catholic faith accessible and continually provides tools for catechesis and faith formation. For $150, a council receive a Building the Domestic Church Kiosk (#BDC-K) and the first set of 225 booklets of the most popular CIS resources, aimed at helping Catholics to live out the Church’s vision for our families.

As Knights, we have always been dedicated to the development of strong, vibrant families. In support of this mission and to create an ever-greater awareness of our many outstanding families, the Supreme Council instituted the Family of the Month program in 1978. If your council or district hasn’t participated in this program before, now is the time to dedicate some time to this program. It is not hard at all to accomplish. For further information, please visit this link:

Finally, during these trying times of this pandemic, we must place our trust and faith in the Lord, who will help us overcome our struggles and provide us the necessary calmness and peace in our hearts and minds. As a council, we can complete this task by organizing holy hours for our families to join together in prayer. As a featured program for Faith in Action, all a council needs to do is host a holy hour once a quarter (4 times for the fraternal year). For more information about this easy project, please visit this link: 

I continue to offer my prayers for all my brother knights who need prayers. I especially pray for those who, at the time of this writing, have been affected by Hurricane Laura. Our brother knights in the south will need our assistance over the period of the upcoming days and weeks.

Viva Christo Rey!

SK David Negrete, FDD, PGK

State Program Director

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Knights of Columbus – Indiana State Jurisdiction


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