Activity Tracking

July 2020

NEW for 2019-2020:

You may view the Star Tracker from Supreme (dated 06/29/2020) by clicking on Indiana Star Tracker. There are several tabs that show individual dioceses, insurance progress, and leaderboards.

Click to download the CURRENT Excel summary Indiana Discovery Awards Tracker compiled from the District Deputy reports 2019-2020 Activity Tracking (through June 30)

Login to Indiana KofC Activity Database  Forms Online Tracker

The tracking system for council activities has moved from a spreadsheet to a database. The INACT3 Program Activities Reporting Form has been eliminated by this system.

The Activity Database system works as follows:  See Activity Database Instructions

  1. The council enters activity information online,
  2. The system completes Fraternal Programs Report Form 10784 and sends it to Supreme,
  3. The Council, DD, and State Directors get an e-mail with link to see the Form 10784 submitted, and
  4. Data collected is available to State Directors, DD and Councils.

The Council can see the activity data they’ve submitted and use it to complete Fraternal Survey Form 1728 in January, State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form STSP in February, and Columbian Award Application SP-7 in June.

A council might may not use this system and submit a Form 10784 directly to Supreme. The council should send their DD a copy of the Form 10784 if they choose to submit it directly. The accuracy and completeness of the data in the Activity Database system depends on the information the Council enters.

The State Program Director will have a list of the most updated district deputy reports posted monthly at the State website on this same page ( You will be able to determine how your Council is progressing, addressing any concerns. The District Deputy should examine the reports and communicate with the Grand Knight of his councils.

Vivat Jesus!

Mark Michuda
Program Director
Indiana State Council
Knights of Columbus

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

2018/2019 Reporting Year

Below are the FINAL tracking updates for the 2018-2019 fraternal year. Questions about name abbreviations or actual requirements are addressed in the 2018-2019 Indiana Program Guide handed to GK's & DD's at the start of the year or available for download HERE. The Excel file has 2 tabs (one in council order and one in district order)






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