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The Story

The March for Life takes place in Washington D.C. on January 22nd each year. Americans who oppose the Roe vs Wade decision unite to show their solidarity in the fight to save our babies. The march begins midway from the Mall and continues up Constitution Avenue, passes the Supreme Court building and ends while people stand at that building in silence remembering the children who will never have the chance to see our nation's capital or witness any of the true wonders of life.

People come from all over this country and from all over the globe to take part in this moving experience. It lifts the spirit to see so many who believe in the miracle of life and who believe that this country MUST reverse the trend of destroying human life. It is a time of weeping not just for those babies who have been aborted but also weeping because of the sheer and utter joy of sharing this emotional gathering of true human beings. The bond felt by those in attendance is so intense that hugging even complete strangers is euphoric.

The March brings all manner of people together. There are young and old; male and female; poor and the well off; healthy and handicapped; Catholics and Protestants; Jews and Muslims; Buddhists and Atheists, all united in their belief in defending the most vulnerable of all humans, the unborn.

The March itself is short and relatively easy. The standing and waiting is an unfortunate part of this event. When more than 300,000 people have to funnel from the spacious Mall into a city street, there is a lot of shuffling of feet and rocking side to side.

The Vision

What is the importance of you being there? To serve your God. To do the work He expects of you. To help mankind. To feel self-worth. To stop the barbaric action of aborting babies. Those are some very important reasons don't you think.

But even if you just want to be a part of something unselfish and truly satisfying, join us this year and feel good about yourself.

This will be more than a pilgrimage. If we can rally a large enough number of Knights to this cause, the State of Indiana can inspire a gigantic movement throughout our country.

Every monumental movement has to start somewhere; it has started here in Indiana.

The Action

Your Indiana Knights of Columbus under the direction of our State Deputy Steve Ziemba had selected our action for the March for Life in 2010. We made arrangements and procured transportation (Buses), and housing in our nation's Capital. We left our respective areas on Wednesday January 20th and returned home on Saturday January 23rd. The entire event cost $250 per person with scholarships available that helped each Knight to defray the cost bringing each Knights fee to only $200. Knights also were able to take their wives and/or teenage children as this moving experience is something that was forever remembered by the family. Ask anyone who went on the 2010 or the 2011 March for Life and they will tell you, "I am going again next year"

The "Defend Life" poster with the Knights of Columbus symbol is available from Supreme Supply Department. Phone 203-752-4721 or 203-752-4214. The poster is exhibited below. This poster can be used not just for the Pro-life March in Washington D.C., and the 40 Days for Life, but it can be used for all the "Sanctity of Life" actions. You may also contact your State Pro Life Director


Defend Life

All those interested in receiving more information concerning the March for Life in Washington D.C. this year contact the Pro Life Director ASAP. We are making preparations for next year's march and will be glad to send you the info.

Email the Pro Life Director at Indiana or write to:

Pro Life Director
3993 Willowood Court
Crown Point, Indiana 46307-8945

Download: PDF 2015 March for Life Application (PDF)