State Advocate

October 2018

Brother Knights,

Below are a few items that your council and its officers should be checking on to make sure they have been completed.

REQUIRED FORMS: ALL COUNCILS should have submitted their

  1. Form 185 – Report of Council Officers Chosen for the Term (Due July 1st)  
  2. Form 365 – Service Program Personnel Report (Due August 1st).

These forms are IMPORTANT to get submitted ON TIME, since Supreme uses these forms to inform the Officers/Members in those positions of crucial items and information.

Using the info on Forms 185 & 365, Supreme notifies the REQUIRED officers/members in the below listed positions by e-mail.  The e-mail contains the login information to complete all the required Praesidium Armatus training modules for their council position.

Required council positions that MUST complete the REQUIRED training:

  1. Grand Knight
  2. Program Director
  3. Community Director
  4. Family Director

Some of the positions will require a background check that Supreme will perform after the member completes the modules and responds to the e-mail regarding the background check. Safe Environment Information can be found at the Supreme Website: 

These required position members must also complete their local Diocesan training in addition to the Supreme training.  Contact your Church office or Diocesan office for information.

NOTE:  For a council to receive ANY awards or incentives – ALL Safe Environment training must be completed on time by ALL REQUIRED POSITONS/PERSONS!!!

Aren’t a few hours of your time, worth saving a child from being scarred for LIFE!

HOME CORPS: Some of the Councils with Home Corps have not completed/submitted the REQUIRED agreement/contract to Supreme with a copy of the agreement to the State Council – State Advocate.  If your council has a home corporation and has not submitted the required “Home Corp” agreement - Please submit it ASAP to avoid further action being taken against the council. Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries can reference the Home Corp section when they sign into “Officers Online” and go to the “Home Corp” section in the “Desk Reference”.

Vivat Jesus!

Gil Spisak

State Advocate

Indiana State Council

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Nothing is Impossible with GOD!


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