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DeputyMay 2017 STATE OF THE JURISDICTION REPORT (given at the State Convention)

Most Reverend Excellency, Msgr. Mark,  Rev. Fathers all, Supreme Representatives, Brother Officers, District Deputies, Directors, Chairmen, Worthy Brother Delegates all - Welcome to our 116th Annual State Meeting of the Indiana Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus! Thank you for all that you do for our Order in the jurisdiction of Indiana!

It is the duty of your State Deputy to report to you, the membership, on the state of the Jurisdiction of Indiana.  As I worried about my delivery for this address, I decided I should break things down into a couple of categories to keep things aligned.

Membership:  In this Fraternal Year, over 887 men have joined us.   Our Indiana jurisdiction median age is approximately 59 years old, and getting younger.  The median age of men joining our Order now is approximately 42 years old.

Indiana continued the “Shoot for the Stars” incentives for Districts and initiated a new incentive program for Councils: The "COUNCIL 50% NET" and “INDIANA STAR COUNCIL” incentive programs.

  • 32 Councils received "COUNCIL 50% NET’ checks in January for reaching at least 50% of their net membership growth quota by mid-year.  The councils received $3.50 for each new member recruited.
  • Indiana councils that earn the Supreme Star Council Award will receive an additional $3.50 for each new member recruited this fraternal year. “INDIANA STAR COUNCIL” incentive checks will be mailed in August. 

We had 24 Star Councils last fraternal year and this fraternal year we have at least 26-32 Councils on track to be Star Councils.  

  • 14 Councils have already achieved their net membership quota
  • 13 Councils, working closely with their Field Agents, have already achieved their net insurance quota.  
  • West Lafayette Blessed Sacrament Council #8056, Fort Wayne St. Jude Council #16065, and Indianapolis St. Felix Council #16466 have already done both.

To stay with that theme, our jurisdiction goal of at least “One Star Council in every District” is VERY ATTAINABLE at this point! With (2) months to go in this Fraternal Year, we currently have (8) Districts with two or more Councils that have achieved 75% of their membership or Insurance quotas; One District in particular – District #10 (Rick Alexander) has achieved 77% of their membership and 81% of their Insurance quotas!


In our areas of Programming around the State, we reported the following to Supreme: TOTAL CHARITABLE GIVING: (Church, Community, Culture of Life and Youth) 

  • DISBURSEMENTS: $537,236 during Calendar year 2016.

As we continue to increase our efforts in Church, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family, and Youth – with thousands of volunteer hours in service to our Parishes and communities in these areas, our total hours as a jurisdiction:

  • TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS:  12,241 (State Council Activities only)

Our Councils throughout the state have worked together to contribute over $42,000 to Culture of Life concerns, outside of Ultrasound contributions. 

Insurance: We are also showing a modest growth in our Insurance program in order to secure the future of those loved one’s. We have added 320 Insurance members to our jurisdiction. Our General Agents continue to look for opportunities to serve our Councils, as well as be on the lookout for talent to serve as Field Agents. (Which has been challenging for them of late)

Gibault: We celebrate contributing more than $153,000 to Gibault, on all levels, and continue to assist children who are traumatized by neglect or abuse or shattered home lives through our Gibault, Inc. School, where we have now assisted and/or served over 10,000 children; we continue to provide for hundreds of children per year.

Charities: This year we donated over $190,000 for services to the Mentally & Physically Challenged, which provides deep discounts to ALL athletes and coaches who attend the Special Olympic Summer Games – we have also donated over $146,000 to Special Olympics Indiana surpassing last year’s total of $118,000.

We donated $41,000 to our Seminarians in the State of Indiana, which amounted to $500.00 per Seminarian. We continue to stand in solidarity with our Bishops and Priests and in defense of our families, churches, and our Catholic way of life.

We continue to assist our Veterans and contribute to the “Warriors to Lourdes” project, as well as donate to the Safe Haven Baby Box program. 

We also helped with “boots on the ground efforts” from our Second Responder Coordinator Bill McDonald’s effort to bring support to the Louisiana flood victims, where he brought more than $5,400 in aide personally to that State. For Bill’s individual efforts and those who helped to contribute to that effort, we are very thankful to all of you.

Pro-Life: We continue to place Ultrasound Machines in pregnancy care centers that will result in the saving of thousands of lives. This fraternal year we have placed (4) new Ultrasound machines across Indiana, continuing the momentum from our previous year of (7) under IPSD Scott C. Cunningham, including one from my very own home Council #1631, St. Bernard’s of North Vernon – St. Mary’s parish! Who’s initiative raised half of the needed Dollars for a Supreme match with just (49) people donating! Still another from a bunch of Catholic “guys” attending a college up in South Bend, IN. you all may know about. What a GREAT showing by that Council from those young Catholic Men!

I had the distinct privilege to March with hundreds of thousands of people in D.C. alongside our Worthy Supreme Officers (All Of them!), and with several State Deputies from other jurisdictions in support of lives are still lost to abortion on a daily basis.  Our Entire Order continues to place ultrasound machines in pregnancy centers around the nation to help in that fight.

Church: Parishes across our nation, and here in Indiana may struggle, but our Knights continue to be that “strong right arm of the Church” for them. We are called to continue to grow and serve, and evangelize in Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

In the words of our Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, as you can read his letter in our booklet: The need for the Knights of Columbus has NEVER been greater – to strengthen our faith and devotion as Catholic Men, and help to build up families as “Domestic Churches” and protect them with our Insurance programs; to serve our brothers and sisters in need, while remaining in solidarity with our Bishops and Priests. Each of us here has a moral obligation to offer the opportunity to grow as a Catholic Gentleman to every man. So ask a good Catholic man to join us today, and watch him grow into a better one tomorrow!

From where I sit, my assessment of the State of the Indiana Jurisdiction, I believe we are strong with our passion and our abilities to evangelize our moral values and continue to do great works of Charity throughout the State.

HOWEVER, what I also believe, is WE CAN DO BETTER!

  • We can always be Membership aware, we can do better in our commitments to membership growth; Grow by attraction! Attract younger Catholic Gentlemen to become our Future leaders; Open the Council doors to ALL Catholic Gentlemen to become Knights! Let us also take a look at our “Inactive” Members, see about getting them to re-engage. 
  • Take a higher interest in the training of our young officers around the state for the success and sustainment of our Order; Supreme offers this to us all at NO COST!! They will come to our State and do the training for us.
  • We can be more cognizant of our “Brothers Activism” during recruitment and involve them in activities for our Church and Community; with a 31% Withdrawal rate (-410) in our jurisdiction, this is by far, the most important thing we could be focusing on. Retention! For the Year, we are sitting at a Negative Amount (-142) and we dipped below the 33,000 line for all members!
  • We can sit with our Bishops and Priests and exchange ideas that will bring forth a more bountiful catholic community for them;
  • We can build upon the Domestic Church and make our communities stronger than ever by having a Knights of Columbus presence in each parish; 
  • We can do better than 55% of our jurisdictions Councils participating in our SOS program; 
  • We can do a better job collectively for our Veterans;
  • We can educate our membership on the advantages of our Knights of Columbus Insurance program and the value it brings to US as MEMBERS and how it protects our Loved one’s in the unfortunate events that might occur; 
  • We can learn to UNITE in Catholic Brotherhood with each other (Respect one another), NOT work against one another! LIVE your Faith, Set a STD for others, WE ARE A FRATERNAL ORDER OF CATHOLIC GENTLEMEN! We need to act like it more, which can in and of itself, be a GREAT recruiting tool.

These are just a few off the top of my head. 

Personal:  I have personally had the opportunity to jump in and serve with our Brothers and Council community across the State doing things such as: “Steak Sales” on a college campus (Guess where?); Fish Fry’s of course; I was able to attend my first Burmese Mass in Ft. Wayne with our Brothers from Council #16260 and Fr. Peter Deede; (who BTW are working with us to translate our Program guide, as well as our Ceremonial Degrees for the other Burmese Councils so they can understand fully our jurisdictions direction and the Orders ceremonials); I have Knighted a Priest! As well as worked our State Championship Free throw event! 

If your own State Deputy can get out and work elbow to elbow with our Brother Knights across the State, both young & old – then each of us has the obligation to look deep within ourselves and ask why we became Knights, as well as where can we be of service to our Brother and our Neighbor! 

Never be satisfied with your giving to help your Brother. Never be SELFISH to offer a hand – it’s called CHARITY, it’s called UNITY, and it’s called FRATERNALISM! 

Fr. McGivney’s vision was for a Knights of Columbus presence in every parish, stemming from his belief that local Councils can achieve great things for the Church. Knights of Columbus membership is meant to be an experience of growth in Faith and Fellowship. Together these men respond to the needs of our Parishes through spiritual and Corporal works of Mercy and a commitment to Catholic community and Family Life! 

Our Council Officers need to be strong in our efforts to look towards the future of our order, and grow it in accordance to the vision of the Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s foresight.

I will always pray for Our Indiana Brother Knights, that they continue to serve GOD’s will; our Mother Mary’s will; as well as Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s will throughout our jurisdiction!

Four Pillars, One Mission, the Indiana Knights!


Vivat Jesus!



SK Martin F. McCoy, Jr. PGK, PFN, PSA, PST, PSS
Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus
State Deputy 2016-2017
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Four Pillars, One Mission. The Indiana Knights!

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