State Secretary

September 2021

Worthy Bother Knights,

This year my wife and I took on the daunting challenge of our church festival. Normally this would be an 11-month process:  preparing, getting all the volunteers, getting all the supplies, pulling it all together.  My wife and I decided to take this opportunity with only three months left in the planning year.  But we did so with the understanding that my Brother Knights would be behind us and working with us to make this happen.  

We have worked hard and are one month out from our festival.  It is looking like we are going to pull this off; despite COVID, despite volunteers being frightened, despite people not wanting to step up to be leaders.  My Council has taken this on, and we are going to achieve the church festival for our Parish.  We do so as leaders of our faith.  (Come out and join us September 24th and 25th to see what we have done.  Saints Francis and Clare Parish, 5901 West Olive Branch, Greenwood, IN)

My wife and I stepped up because our parish priest said that the Parish have no one willing to take this on.  I stepped up with the understanding that my Brother Knights had my back.  While I was an adult leader with the Boy Scouts, I always made the point to be at the Eagle Scout Court of Honor, to recognize a scout’s hard work as a leader.  At that time,  I presented each Eagle Scout a walking stick.  I expressed to the Eagle Scout that even leaders need something to lean on.  The walking stick represents your fellow scouts. Those who helped you to achieve what you wanted to accomplish.  

As the leaders of our Church, we need to recognize that our Brother Knights are there to help us to achieve our goals  and that we need to be there to help our Brother Knights to achieve their goals.  We also need to remember that our wives and families are there also to support us as we work to accomplish our goals.  That is a form of Charity that is often overlooked.  

I do want to bring up a couple of business items.  One, Per Capita has been sent out and I am grateful that many Councils have submitted their per capita fees.  Please, if you have not already done so, go through and submit your per capita payments.  There is an option for dividing up the cost into payments.  We do ask that you complete all payment by March 2022 so that your delegates can be seated at the Convention with no issues.  

Also IN-FORM1 were requested to be completed back in June.  If you have not completed them, we need them as soon as possible.  Our goal is to have the Directory out in September, this month.  For us to accomplish that and for it to be accurate, we need those forms.  I hate sending out the Directory and having a Grand Knight call to say the name listed hasn’t been the Grand Knight for the last five years, why don’t we have the correct information.  You supply it and we’ll put it in.

Gentlemen as we wrap up this first quarter,  please do your best to recruit.  Many Hands make like work  and also give us that support we need as our Church leaders. 

Keep up your good works of charity and lead your community closer to God.

Scott Schutte
Indiana State Council - Knights of Columbus
State Secretary
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