December 2017

Brother Knights and Friends!

Grand Knight Action Items 

1.      Meet with your District Deputy in December or January and update your plan to be a Star Council this year (see pages 2 - 6 of your 2017-2018 Fraternal Leader Success Planner).  Work with your DD and Field Agent to achieve it.  Invite good men to join us and become better Catholic men, husbands, and fathers.  Continue providing charitable service programs to your parishes and community.

2.      Submit Survey of Fraternal Activity (Form 1728) to Supreme by 1/31/18.

3.      Attend the March Regional Meeting.  These meetings are being planned by your Diocesan Membership and Programming Director.  Call your DD today to get the details for this important meeting.

4.      Elect delegates to attend the State Convention (April 20-22, 2018) and submit Convention Registration Form and Certificate for Delegates to me before March 1st to take advantage of the Early Registration Discount.   Make your hotel reservations before March 29th to get the special Indiana K of C rates.

5.      Verify your Council State Assessment has been paid.  State Assessment must be fully paid by April 1st.

Indiana Knights of Columbus License Plate Petition

Several people have asked for an Indiana Knights of Columbus license plate.

Can you help me circulate a petition to get these plates?  --> 2018_BMV_KofC_Charities.pdf

One of the Indiana BMV requirements is that we must have at least 500 people willing to purchase this special license plate.  There will be a $25 Group Fee for this plate.  The BMV keeps $2 and the remaining $23 will go to the Indiana State Council Knights of Columbus Charity Fund Inc.  The purpose of the Charity Fund Inc., a 501(C)(3), is to provide financial assistance for religious, charitable, scientific and/or educational purposes, and to individuals or groups in urgent-need situations.

Please take the petition to your council meetings, or other events, and ask everyone to sign it.   Anyone willing to purchase the Indiana KofC plate can sign the petition, they don't need to be a KofC member. However, by signing they are pledged to buy the Indiana K of C license plate.  I expect the total cost of plate will be $40; $25 Group Fee + $15 Administrative Fee.  

I need the
petitions returned to me by 1 March 2018.  The application for Specialty Plates is due by 1 April 2018.  If our application is approved, the plates would be available beginning in 2019.

Return the petitions to the following address:

Paul Zielinski, State Secretary
4974 Roxbury Ct.
Pittsboro, IN 46167

2018 Indiana State Convention

Plan to attend your Indiana State Convention; April 20-22, 2018 at Indianapolis Marriott East.  All Knights and families (adults and children) are welcome and encouraged to attend this celebration.

o   Contact me if you’d like to help plan the 2018 State Convention.

o   Convention letters will be mailed (USPS) to all council GK, DD, State Officers, State Directors, and State Chairmen in January 2018.  Convention letters will also be posted to this website.

o   The Convention Registration Form and Certificate for Delegates are in the Indiana State Council Program Guide.  GK should have received these at their July District meeting.  The early registration discount ends 3/1/2018.

o   Critical Dates

o   February 28th – Last day to submit nominations for Indiana Service Program Awards (see Indiana State Council Program Guide page 40)

o   March 1st – Last day for Early Registration Discount (State Convention Registration Form)

o   March 15th – Last day for councils to send Resolutions to State Advocate Scott Schutte

o   March 15th –Last day to submit names of deceased Knights (IN-DB1) to the State Church Director for remembrance at the Convention Memorial Mass

o   March 29th – Last day for Hotel Reservation at special IN K of C group rates:

§  Marriott East (7202 East 21st St.) $131.00 PER NIGHT, PLUS TAX

§  Fairfield Inn & Suites (7110 E. 21st St.) $125 PER NIGHT, PLUS TAX. 

§  Indianapolis Delta East (7304 E. 21st St.) $102.00 PER NIGHT, PLUS TAX 

§  Call Marriott East (317-352-1231), Fairfield Inn & Suites (317-322-0101), or Indianapolis Delta East (317-359-1021) TODAY and make your reservations. 

§  Marriott reservations group code is IGHIGHA.  

§  Marriott and Delta hotel reservations can also be made online.

o   April 1st – Last day to pay Council State Assessment payments.  State Assessment must be paid to have delegates seated

o   April 1st – Convention Pre-Registration Closes (State Convention Registration Form)


o   April 3rd – Last day for Chaplains Dinner RSVP

o   April 20th – Convention Begins – Opening Mass 5 PM.

Survey of Fraternal Activity (Form 1728)

The time and effort you take to improve your community and parishes are what make the Knights of Columbus what we are. Don't let your hard work go unnoticed. Form 1728 is due by 1/31/18.

STATE Per Capita and Major Degree Fund Assessment

The July 2017 Assessment is due by 4/1/2018 and must be paid in full to have voting delegates seated at the 2018 Indiana State Convention (Indiana State Council K of C By Laws Section 7).  

Invoices were emailed in July to your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.  Please check your inbox daily for important information.  Hard copies of open invoices were given to your District Deputies at the December Mid-Year meeting.  Ask him for a copy at your District meeting. 

How are State Per Capita and Major Degree Fund Assessments calculated?

o   The Per Capita Assessment is based on your total membership as of 1 July less Disabled and Honorary Life members (Indiana State Council K of C By Laws Section 29).   The assessments are necessary to defray State Council business expenses.   A significant portion of the Per Capita is forwarded to Gibault Children’s Services.  So far, we’ve collected and given $58,768.30 to Gibault from Per Capita. 

o   The Major Degree Fund fee is assessed on the new members gained in the prior fraternal year and pays for their Formation and Knighthood Degree expenses (Indiana State Council K of C By Laws Section 29B).  Failure to pay State assessment may result in Council suspension (Supreme Constitution Section 157 paragraph 8).  

o   The Gibault Per Capita assessment is currently $4.00 per regular member.  At the 2017 State Convention a resolution was adopted and has been approved by Supreme to increase this to $5.00 per regular member.  This will become effective next year (July 2018).

Monthly Statements are sent electronically to councils with Open State Council Assessment balances due and their DD.

How much does your council owe?  The current list of councils with Open State Council Assessment balances due is now on our website.  The balance shown, are as of the date at the bottom of the report.  I’ll update the list monthly.  Contact me if you have questions. Click HERE to view the current Open Balance report.

A review of the State Per Capita tax has been done and a recommendation for adjustments will be presented at the 2018 Convention in accordance with Indiana By Laws Section 38.

Council Membership Incentives

“INDIANA STAR COUNCIL” incentive checks were mailed to our Fraternal Year 2016-2017 Star Councils. Congratulations to all our Star Councils!

The 50% net and Indiana Star Council Membership Incentives continue for FY2017-2018.

Councils will receive $3.50 for each new member recruited if they achieve at least 50% of their net membership growth quota by 1/1/2018.   The "COUNCIL 50% NET’ checks will be mailed in January 2018.  

Indiana councils that earn the Supreme Star Council Award will receive an additional $3.50 for each new member recruited this fraternal year.  “INDIANA STAR COUNCIL” incentive checks will be mailed in August 2018.

Indiana State Council Directory 

The 2017-2018 Directory were mailed to each Council, DD, Director, Chairman, and State Officer in September.   The Directory is an invaluable resource for Council Officers. The Directory contains the names and addresses of all State Officers, District Deputies, Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, Chaplains and much more.

·      Names and addresses for State Directors, State Chairmen, Conferring Officers, and Degree Team Captains

·      Council Listing by number with time and place of meetings, and Council Institution Date. 

·      Council listing by City and by Diocese

·      List of Former State Chaplains and Past State Deputies

·      Financial Secretaries Association Officer names and addresses

·      Columbian Squires Circle locations and State Officer names and addresses

·      Gibault Children’s Services mission, contact information, and list of current board members

·      Knights of Columbus Indiana Insurance Agencies and contact information

·      Fourth Degree Supreme Master, Vice Supreme Master, and Indiana District officers (Master, Marshall, and Secretary) contact information

·      Fourth Degree Assembly Listing by number and by City

·      Supreme Council Officers and addresses, and Supreme Council contact information

·      Indiana State Council Calendar of meetings for FY 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

·      Indiana State Council By Laws

We need your help to keep the Directory up to date.

1.   The Financial Secretary of each council shall, on or before the July 1st of each year, report to the State Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) the names and addresses of the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary of his council for the ensuing year.  Financial Secretaries are to report any change in the office of Grand Knight or Financial Secretary of any council, immediately to me (Indiana State Council By Laws Section 36). 

2.   Please copy our Administrative Assistant, Brad Soule (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), with changes.

Always feel free to contact me with your questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Vivat Jesus!

Paul Zielinski
Indiana Knights of Columbus
State Secretary
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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