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November 2022

Brothers, Sir Knights, and Faithful Readers,

October has come to an end, but praying the rosary should never end. Especially with the

upcoming elections of this Great Nation WE call America. With all of our prayers our elected

officials will make the right decisions in their voting, just like we do at the polls.

I drive two hours a day to work, so I see a lot of license plates. It’s nice to see K of C license

plates during my travels. If you don’t have an Indiana K of C plate, get one this year.

Remember proceeds from these purchases help support the States Charity Fund. These funds

in turn help us help others in need during their most vulnerable moments. So, if you have a

plate, and someone toots a car horn as they pass you, it’s just me thanking you for your support!

Now for some updates on procedures of the 4th Degree. When presenting the Colors, Only

Members in the 4th Degree Uniform may present. Members may stand at the casket of a SK in

a Dark Suit and Social Baldric, Black Tux and Social Baldric, or the Official Uniform of the 4th

Degree. Both SKs should be dressed the same while standing in honor at the casket.

Only SKs in Uniform may wear the Service Baldric with Sword.

If SKs are conducting a joint event please have your Faithful Navigator notify me in advance for

clarification of the event to prevent any issues please. We want each event to be dignified to

honor our Catholic Faith.

Exemplifications of the Patriotic Degree are almost finalized for the upcoming 2023 year and

into 2024.. If your Assembly is interested in being added on to the schedule please have your

Faithful Navigator contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are you aware that each Assembly has email provided by the State Council? Faithful

Comptrollers, and Navigators Need to contact me for access please.


Stand for the flag and kneel for the Cross.


Ryan Borden

Master, Indiana District 4th Degree

Fr. Edward F. Sorin Province


Ryan Borden
District Master Indiana
Fr. Sorin Province
Knights of Columbus 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Publications Downloads:

The Fourth Degree, also known as the Patriotic Degree, is the highest degree of the Knights of Columbus, and it exists to foster the spirit of patriotism, enlightened by our Catholic Faith. It is a rewarding way to combine our Catholic heritage with our love of our country. 

The Fourth Degree is patriotism in action, i.e. Honor guards at Mass for confirmations, funerals, and memorial services, in addition to Color Corps representation at federal, state and local ceremonies, such as parades and wreath-laying ceremonies. The Fourth Degree is a visible reminder of our service to the community.

History of the Fourth Degree

In 1886, four years after our Order was established, Supreme Knight James T. Mullen proposed the patriotic degree and the Supreme Board of Directors approved the formation of the Fourth Degree in 1899. Along with the addition of “patriotism” to the Knights’ principles in 1900 came the first exemplification of the Fourth Degree which was held on February 22, 1900 in New York City with a class of 1,100 Knights. 

The Fourth Degree is currently organized into 21 geographical units known as provinces. Our province consists of the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and is referred to as the Father Edward F. Sorin, C.S.C. Province. The executive officer of the Fourth Degree is the Supreme Master.

The executive officer of the province is the Vice Supreme Master.  A province is further divided into districts, which normally (with few exceptions) coincide with state boundaries.  Each district is presided over by an executive officer, the Master. Currently, there are 122 districts.

The Fourth Degree is the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus, and it comprises over 17% of the membership of the Order.  The distinctive regalia of Sir Knights make them the most visible arm of the Order to the public.

Purpose of the Fourth Degree

  • To promote and strengthen the patriotic spirit of the civic community
  • To educate its members, and others, both in the teachings of Holy Mother Church, and the history of our nation
  • To promote by example the highest type of citizenship so necessary for the preservation and perpetuation of Republican form of government and its democratic institutions
  • To oppose dissemination and spread of doctrine dangerous to our form of government, and to the Divine law of faith and morality
  • To support by word and deed, the duly constituted authorities of local, state, and national government, and to recognize excellence in public life

The Fourth Degree, both collectively and individually, supports those religious, civic, and charitable causes which are designed to implement one or more of these five objectives.



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