November 2017

Brothers all:

First of all, THANKS for the efforts in October to have a Church Drive to support Supreme and the Order Wide Church Drive initiative. If you were unable to get it done in October, do one anyway and remember to send your Fall drive form in. Now that we are in our second quarter you all should know where the opportunities to support are. Please be sure to ask the State Families Officers, Directors and Chairman if in need of anything. We all understand the challenges and want to help. More direct, we all understand everything you do IS for a good cause and want you to be successful. Membership numbers are not on pace for this year so I am asking that all of you to do the look in the mirror test. Have YOU done what you can to recruit in ALL the activities you participate in? Have YOU recruited just one (or more) this year? As all of you know many of our Parishes are seeing declining numbers and the K of C Membership is a great way to re-energize an individual's spirit. It's about what we DO, and not the meetings and paying dues. Make an effort this month to get back on track to obtain the goal Supreme has set for your Councils and District.

As always God bless you and yours.

Four Pillars, One Mission

The Indiana Knights


Frank Joseph

State Membership Director

317-587-7428 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Four Pillars, One Mission,

The Indiana Knights



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