Membership Director

September 2021

Brothers All:

I hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy with the COVID pandemic in full swing. Follow what you are comfortable with BUT GET OUT AND DO THINGS. Personally, I have adjusted how I do things but not the things I do.  We haven’t seen the FAST START to a new Year I would have expected with a lot of people clamoring to get out and do Charitable things for so many that may have not received in the past year. The needs did not stop with the shutdowns.  We have ONLY 80 new Members so far this year. We have 19 Districts and 179 Councils that have not Welcomed even JUST 1 new Member yet this year. IMAGINE IF 33,000 MEMBERS THAT WE HAVE TODAY SIMPLY ASKED ONE PERSON TO JOIN US FOR FREE!!!!   

I suggest that you seriously consider doing future degrees yourself, if possible.  It is easy to do and is much faster than waiting for someone else or for a virtual degree.  Just go to the Supreme website, type exemplification in the search box and click on the small magnifying glass.  This will take you to the right place.  Once there, you can print the degree, but you cannot download it.  Please look at it and you will realize just how easy it is to do.  Please remember that we cannot give these men a rosary and lapel pin in a virtual degree.  You need to do that when you next see him.  Also please give him a "These Men They Call Knights" booklet, and somewhat importantly, a 3rd degree membership card.



                   SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director


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