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Brothers all:

Seems appropriate to say “gentlemen, start your engines!”  It’s the month of May in Indiana and Roger Penske is doing all he can to get back to normal to whatever degree he can for the Indianapolis 500.

So what are you doing to get back to somewhat normal council and district activities?  Yes, I am fully aware (I still work in retail) that there is a pandemic still going on worldwide.  And no I am not a doctor or an infectious disease specialist.   But I am alive and understand that the world still needs the Knights. Your parish still needs the Knights. Your community still needs the Knights.  So why don’t you spend a lot of your time talking about what you can do? And within that there will be things that certain individuals within your Council can do from home as well.  I have sent several “suggestions” during the past year. How many have you acted on? Have you come up with something that works and want to share? Send me an email I do appreciate hearing from you.

In closing, the Catholic Church and your bishops need you.  Are you out there?


                   SK Frank Joseph

           State Membership Director


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