Program Director

October 2018

Brother Knights,

By now you should have all participated in your Regional Meeting, where many very good questions were addressed. I understand from Supreme that the SP-7 form is still being revised and will not be available until late October or early November. I would suggest keeping a written record of your activities for later submission to Supreme.

Regardless of what offenses a few Priests commit as horrible as they are, we still need the Mass, confession, all sacraments and of course Jesus. We are in this together, supporting and helping each other strengthen our mission. Pray for all our Priests! Faith in Action is needed more now than ever. More information on "Faith in Action" is the Q&A @ . Go to our state website for updates

Your State Program Guide has been revised, providing the most updated information available at the time of printing. A schedule and list of forms that are due throughout the year is located on page 33. The new requirements for the Pinta Award is located on page 29. The K of C sponsored National “March for Life” registration form is on page 37 and is currently due. If you have any questions regarding any of the “right to life” marches please call our Pro-Life chairman Mike Velasco at 219-663-0509.

The most important activity is your council membership drives. For increased membership we must have Church drives at our local parishes. October is the month for state wide membership drives, be sure and complete form IN-CD1 located on page 47. Remember to display the marketing posters throughout the parish grounds. Use a table display to show the men how your council is “Changing lives and saving lives” through the Faith in Action program. Supreme research and surveys show that Catholic men and Priests want to be involved with faith based groups that participate in activities that are rewarding and making a difference in people’s lives.

I am promoting one activity that is making a difference in each monthly newsletter. These activities are faith based and should attract young Catholic men. If you have a faith based activity, please take pictures and send me an e-mail. This month I am featuring “Corporate Mass”. This is a very popular activity that many councils participate in, so I will not mention any specific councils. In most cases the councils participate in a Saturday evening Mass once a month meeting 30 minutes early inviting the parish to join them in praying the rosary with special intentions for our deceased brother knights and other special needs. Members of the council serve in the Mass under the direction of the parish Priest, filling each volunteer position. The proclaimers of the word, altar servers, ushers, eucharistic ministers and in some cases even music performers are served by the Knights of Columbus. This is certainly a great example of a Faith in Action program activity.

"Consecration to the Holy Family" is one of the four required activities for the Columbian award. We are asking all councils to participate in this consecration this first quarter. The next required program which should be promoted in the fall is "Helping Hands" under the community category.

As we approach Christmas season, "Keep Christ In Christmas" comes to mind. It is time to order your poster as well as free throw kits from supreme.

Is your council changing lives and saving lives? The success of the "Faith In Action" program depends on your leadership and will increase your membership. Pray for wisdom and patience as you lead your council. Ask a member to chair only one activity and get as many knights involved throughout the year. I am praying for your successful leadership. 

Christ Lives Through Us, 

Mark Michuda

State Program Director 

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Is your council changing lives and saving lives?  The success of  the "Faith In Action" program depends on your leadership.  


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