June 2018

Brother Knights,

As a Catholic fraternity of men, faith based activities are for all of us. We are encouraged to meet with our Pastor asking him for direction and help. We should always welcome input from our parish members, avoiding conflict regardless of the parish or Priest position. The knights are not a parish committee but a faith based fraternity of Catholic men that are guests of the parish.

There are two requirements for a "Building the Domestic Church" activity:

  1. Must help members strengthen faith formation.
  2. The activity must bring councils to closer unity with the parish and Priest.

The new "Indiana Knight of Columbus Perpetual Memorial Society" was launched at the convention. The program provides a way to remember and pray for our loved ones. Anybody that is enrolled by filling out the "PMS" registration form on our web site with a donation will be entered in the "Perpetual Memorial Society" book that has the enrollee's name, date of birth and death. They will be included at our Masses for the repose of their souls. The donations collected will go into our state "Christopher Fund". The annual earnings from this fund is distributed to the Bishops of Indiana each year. For further information talk to your financial secretary.

We are expected to be faithful leaders of the Church and our families. Please review all the tools available to support your mission of faith at supreme's web site. It is times like these that require stepping outside of our comfort zone and falling to our knees for spiritual direction. The end result will be "Faith in Action".

Congratulations to council #6923 from Fishers, Indiana for the Church activity of the year.  They led the way with the weapon of our Church, the rosary! They are leading and promoting the rosary in their community and parish.  For a description of all the award recipients at the state convention please go to our web-site.

Great changes are coming for the next fraternal year. It is a great time to be a member of the Knights of Columbus! Please pray for our leadership, I am praying for you and your council to continue changing lives and saving lives.

Jesus Christ lives through us,

Mark Michuda

State Church Director

Indiana State Council
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