Vocations Chairman

March 2021

The Indiana State SOS (Support Our Seminarians) Program raised nearly $40,000 this past year.  This allowed our 80 Seminarians to receive $525 checks.  This compared to $500 checks last year.  I am in the process of receiving lots of letters every day from thankful Seminarians.  I hope to bring them with me at the Convention for you to read.

25 Councils attained a $2 or better donation ratio.  These Councils have been sent plaques.  The leading Council at $9 per member was Council 738 Valparaiso.  Council 565 in Evansville was not far behind at $8 per member, while Council 11276, Father Solanas Council, gave $5 per member.  32 Councils gave between $1 and $2 per member.

No matter what each Council gave, I, on behalf of the Seminarians, would like to thank all Councils who gave.

Finally, the Seminarian booklets are done and will be mailed to the Grand Knights and State Officers shortly.

Vivat Jesus
Jeff Scher 
Vocations Chairman 
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