September 2017

Nice work by Council 8746, Newburgh. The council held a school supply project for the parish school. Parents would purchase the supply package from the council that contained all the school supplies their children needed for the new school year (so parents wouldn't have to run everywhere trying to find books, pens, etc). The council sold 100 packages and netted just over $2200 that they will use to support school projects.

Great job by Council 5929, Fr. Gilbert G. Wirtz, Chesterton on their recent blood drive which brought in 60 units of life giving blood. 


Support the battle against cancer by promoting the "Great American Smokeout" in November.

Invite your council to volunteer for activities on behalf of veterans through a Serving Those Who Served program. See for more information.

In honor of all our veterans, remember that Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11. March in the Veterans Day parade! Consider various activities to recognize our veterans, such as traveling to a VA facility and putting on a special program  or entertainment for patients.

Plan to conduct an outing for veterans, such as a picnic or trip to the local ballpark, or hold a special community event.

Adopt a veteran at a facility and remember them regularly with cards and letters.

Don't forget that Columbus Day is Monday, October 9. Pay tribute to the man who expanded the known world and brought Christianity to new peoples. March in the Columbus Day parade!  

While we want blood platelet drives, the Indiana Blood Center does not cover the whole state. Click HERE for a map that shows the coverage area of the Indiana Blood Center. Also, this link  provides information on the Red Cross.


Rick Santangelo 

Community Director
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"Our principles are just words if we do not live them out." Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight

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