April 2017

Brother Knights, 

Click on the link to see the new Emergency Response Preparedness Checklist Booklet


To promote education and training for Local and State Disaster Response Programs and assist Councils and their Members in the Indiana State Council jurisdiction during a disaster.  This is achieved thru a collaborative partnership with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Indiana Disaster Response and The Indiana State Council Disaster Response Coordinator.

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness:

Being properly prepared for a likely disaster will determine if you will be a victim or survivor.

Each member must prepare a personal/family disaster plan. It is only when we have taken care of ourselves and family can we respond effectively to our communities and parish.

Each Council must also prepare a disaster plan to be implemented to carry out the Council missions and to provide assistance to its members to minimize the effects of a disaster. 

Communications is crucial during any emergency/disaster.

All emergency/disaster plans should include plans of communication to member, councils and state officers.  Traditional means of communication can be affected during a disaster.

Alternate means need to be studied and used as needed.  The assistance of a neighboring Council should be considered in your Council Disaster Plans, as your members may be busy tending to their own families and property.Many times personal contact is the only means available, plan accordingly.

State Council Assistance:

The Knights of Columbus Indiana State Council has Disaster Response Trailer loaded with basic supplies and tools, available to loan to Councils to assist their members during the Early Response Phase of a disaster. The Grand Knight or FinancialSecretary of a Council needs to contact the Indiana State Council Disaster Response Coordinatorto request its use.  In most circumstances the trailer will be delivered to the site requested. At that point the Council is responsible for the safety of the trailer and its contents.


The Indiana State CouncilDisaster Response Program has agreed to a collaborative partnership with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Disaster Response to be a force multiplier during times of emergency/disasters.Catholic Charities hasbeen involved in Disaster Response for many years and are consider one of the Nations experts in this field.It is the goal of this partnership to reduce duplications of services and resources.

Under this collaborative effort Indiana Knights will be trained, supervised, and deployed thru Catholic Charities to provide continuity in training, planning and execution of services for Early Response and Long Term Recovery Programs.

This by no means prevents Councils from providing services directly to their Community First Responders and/or Parishes. To the contrary part of the Council Disaster Preparedness Plan should include contacting other community organizations and establishing local partnerships.Open communication and coordination will reduce duplication of services and resources which will lead to a smooth and effective recovery.


Bill McDonald
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