Veterans Affairs Chairman

September 2021

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Brother Knights:

I hope everyone had a great Summer - with ample time for your family, the local Community - and especially our Faith.   Now - with children back in school and Fall on the Horizon - is a good time to look ahead and plan how Veterans Affairs may fit into any upcoming Council/ Assembly or personal plans.   Here are a few near term planning suggestions:

1.  For anyone in the State - but especially those in Central Indiana, on the “9 -11 Anniversary” there will be a “Veterans Healing Mass” at 10:30 AM at St Malachy Church in Brownsburg.  The Mass will be celebrated by Father Sean Danda, Pastor of St Malachy/ Faithful Friar of Cardinal Ritter Assembly 3873.   This Mass is intended for all Veterans, regardless of religious Preferences, and especially those Veterans who served in Afghanistan.   Please consider supporting your fellow Veterans and Brother Knights at St Malachy Church on 11 September.  For additional information, contact Sir Knight Rick Rader, Faithful Navigator, Cardinal Assembly 3873 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) POSTER

2.  I look forward to expanding our Indiana Knights “Veterans Living History Program” past the 24 one page Biographies currently on hand.  This is a great opportunity to collect the details of the military service by our Veteran Knights, as well as their follow on civilian career, family information- and the role of our Catholic Faith in the Veteran’s life.  Any Indiana Veteran Knight can submit their Bio information and a photo - the Guide/ form to follow in creating your bio is on the State K of C Website.  (Form IN VET#2; located at

3.  Reminder:  11 November is Veterans Day - a great time for a Council/ Assembly to sponsor a Veterans Mass at your local Parish.   In addition to providing positive visibility for the Knights of Columbus, it is another method to attract potential new members to our Order.  Talk with your Pastor early; coordinate for a specific Veterans Mass date on the Parish calendar; advertise in your Church Bulletin/ Sign Board, etc - and ensure everyone knows this is not only for “Knights”.   Open your Veteran Mass to all Veterans and their family members…..  beside it being the “right thing to do” - it reflects very favorably on our Order!    Please contact me if you have good ideas for a Veteran’s Mass to share with other Councils/ Assemblies - or if your are seeking thoughts/ suggestions for your own Veteran Mass.

As always, it is my great pleasure to serve as our State Veterans Affairs Chairman.   Thanks for all your support and suggestions.  I am currently working with other Knights on the potential for a Breakout Session at the April 2022 State Convention - highlighting Military Chaplains - Past & Present.  More on that in future State Newsletters and emails!

Steve Lutz
Indiana State Veterans Affairs Chairman
PGK/ FDD/ US Army (R)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
(260) 341-7556


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