Does an email newsletter or website satisfy the Nina requirement?

Yes. Distribute a Council newsletter at least four times each Fraternal Year to all your members, especially those without e-mail or access to your webpage. Websites are acceptable if they are updated monthly and regularly visited by membership. Include This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on your distribution or mail hard copies to the State Deputy, State Secretary, State Council Director, and State Program Director. Please include your Council number in your newsletter.

Is mailing a Council Newsletter a Council Activity?

No. Writing, typing, printing and mailing newsletters are not council activities.

Should Blitz activities be reported on Activity Reports?

No. Blitz activities, church drives, and information nights should be reported on Blitz form - not activity report. The Spring and Fall "Blitz report form," is available from the website, and should be sent to the Membership Director.

Are Semi-Annual Audits a Council Activity?

No. Submitting Semi-Annual Audit reports and other forms is necessary, but should not be reported as a Council Activity.

Do I need to submit every activity?

No. After four Council activities have been submitted and accepted, you don't need to send anymore reports.

Is a Council Free Throw competition a Council Activity?

No. Council Free Throw competitions are Youth Activities.

Are Blood Drives Council Activities?

It depends. If a blood drive is held to help a brother Knight having surgery it's a Council Activity. If not, it is a Community Activity.

Is a Ladies Auxiliary meeting a Council Activity?

No. "Wives getting together" is important, but it is not an activity to be reported.


List of typical Council Activities

Athletics Sponsor council team
Conduct sports clinic for members
Group Outings
Sponsor Sports Demonstration for adults (clinics for Youth should be reported as a Youth Activity)
Invited Speaker
Cultural Community Speaker
Arts Festival
Show and Tell
Group Event
Open Meetings - Meeting open to family or others to view a film about the K of C available from Supreme Council
Fraternalism Joint Program with other Fraternal Organizations
Name Badges - Making an initial set for all council member to wear at meetings and activities
Annual Recognition Night
Present Degree Certificates
Present Certificates of Merit
Knight of the Month
Knight of the Year
Mail Greeting Cards
Publish Council Directory
Columbus Day Celebration
Founders Day Celebration
Attend District Meeting
Attend State Convention
Fund Raising BINGO, Sales, Raffles and other fund raising for the benefit of the Council.
Membership First Degree
Major Degrees
Open House- Only if in addition to Blitz
Church Drive - Only if in addition to Blitz
To encourage Major Degree Team growth, one Council Activity Credit will be awarded per new member of a new Major Degree Team.
Public Relations Press Release
Set up Website
Broadcast Events
Speakers Committee

Bulletin Board
Council History
Council Stationary
Social Dances
Open House- Only if in addition to Blitz
Council Anniversary Celebration
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