December 2017

Pro Life Brothers,                 [Click HERE to download the newest application/registration for the 2018 March For Life - with REVISED cutoff dates]

The calendar year is growing to a close however, our fiscal year has a few months remaining.  Only 22 councils have reported activities on the IN-COL1 form.  

If your council does not know of what or how to conduct a Pro Life activity, they can go to the website - Programs - Culture of Life, to view many Culture of Life activities for your council to select.  Any and all of the activities on this website qualifies for approval as an activity. 

There is still time to sign-up for the 2018 March for Life trip in Washington, D.C. This trip will motivate you into becoming a Pro Life advocate.  It is truly a great emotional experience for you and members of your family.  Many who have gone on this trip have admitted that it is a life-changing experience.  A registration form can be found on the website or you may phone me at (219) 663-0509 and I will see to it that you receive a form.

As an added bit of knowledge, your work for raising funds for the Indiana Knights of Columbus State Council Ultrasound Fund has excelled in saving babies from abortion and helping women become Mothers that they may offer their child life and love.  Your efforts have actually prevented literally hundreds of children from the abortionist’s knife through the ultrasound machines that we have purchased and donated.  The same ultrasound machines have given thousands of pregnant women free scans of their baby to monitor the health and progress of their child’s development.  To keep-up with demand for more of these life-saving machines we need to draw a minimum of $250 per council per year.  There are over 80 Pregnant Care Centers in the state that we can outfit with these life-saving, life-fulfilling ultrasound machines. By the end of this year we will have purchased 4 more. 

Eighteen months ago we paid for 2 Baby Boxes that were installed here in Indiana.  Just last month we saw a baby saved in one of those boxes.  Rather than abandon her baby to die, a mother placed her newborn into the box near Michigan City.  She chose life for her child rather than leave her to die in some unknown place.  This first “save” in a Baby Box will, without a doubt, bring new interest to the nation of the Baby Box campaign.  Because of YOUR efforts, Indiana is one of the leaders in the fight against the culture of death through ultrasound machines, monetary donations to PCC’s and other Pro Life causes, educating the public concerning the horrors of killing any and all forms of human life and now a Baby Box save. The things that the Knights of Columbus do world-wide and especially here in our state, can give all of you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment!  

Do not stop now!  Push-on more than ever before! 

Viva Cristo Rey!

Michael Velasco

State Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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