September 2017

My Brothers,                      [Click HERE to download the newest application/registration for the 2018 March For Life - with REVISED cutoff dates]

We have started our new year with a big challenge. There are five Pregnant Care Centers looking to us for help supplying them with ultrasound machines. The Matrix Life Center in Lafayette actually needs two; the second one is needed for their new mobile unit which was purchased outright with local donations and serves the 48,000 students at Purdue. Our contribution for these six machines, which will be matched by Supreme, amounts to $85,000. That is a huge amount for us to raise. However, $50,000 of that amount can be raised with some effort if all of our Councils will raise and donate a minimum of $250.00 each. To some Council’s, this will not be too difficult, to others it is a monumental task. 

Using past figures, estimates tell us that by the end of 2017 the machines that we have already donated will have saved over 500 babies from being murdered! Some additional 4,000 women who were not seeking an abortion went to PCCs and given ultrasound scans to monitor the progress of their babies. Make no mistake; the members of the Indiana Knights of Columbus are responsible for this achievement! That honor belongs to each of you! Children will walk this earth because of the generosity that you Knights have shown!

It is obvious that next to prayer, the most powerful weapon against abortion and for the quest to help pregnant women, is the ultrasound machine. NOTHING can match these sonogram machines!

We put this challenge to every Council: for the remainder of this fraternal year, no matter how impossible it seems, find ways to raise this minimum of $250.00. Brothers, we can do this! It only takes one dedicated member of each Council to guide this project to its fruition! Are you that member.

“Don’t leave it up to the OTHER GUY, you ARE the OTHER GUY!”     

Vivat Jesus!

Michael Velasco

State Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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