November 2017

Pro Life Brothers,                  

There is some great news in our state! The “planned un-parenthood” in Merrillville has seen 4 saves during this 40 Days for Life! Four babies will one day learn to walk, talk, laugh, go to school and witness the joy of being alive! Four Mothers will not have a lifetime of guilt and remorse for having killed her child. Each of those four mothers will be able to help her child grow and learn and she will experience the utter magnificence of giving birth to a little human being.

So what does that have to do with the Knights of Columbus and you in particular? The answer is simple, every life saved, be it a baby or and elderly person (who some people believe should be put to death because they have no “use”), can be and has been spared because of the actions of “Pro-Lifers” such as the Knights of Columbus. Our Programs are designed to bring the beauty of life to the attention of the public. They are more than just “activities” for councils to perform; they are exercises in which Life can be shown to be the most important “right” of any and all individuals on earth, the great gift that our God has bestowed upon us. Without Life we cannot experience salvation and we could never be with our Lord! Every baby has that right.

Another of our accomplishments can be found in our Indiana State Council Ultrasound fund! The Indiana K of C has donated 18 machines to various PCC’s. By the end of this year we will probably give two to Matrix in Lafayette and perhaps 2 more in the Gary Diocese! Our fund is fast being depleted and we are in need of every council to donate a minimum of $250 to the fund. It may be very difficult to raise $250 for some councils but with a dedicated effort Indiana will be able to donate 5 machines every year doing countless good for the Culture of Life!

Let’s not forget our trip to the March for Life in January. We promise you it is a magnificent event that will be one of the most important ones that you have ever witnessed in your life, and you will carry that memory for the rest of your life.    [Click HERE to download the newest application/registration for the 2018 March For Life - with REVISED cutoff dates]

Vivat Jesus!

Michael Velasco

State Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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