June 2019

Brother Knights:  VIVAT JESUS!!!

The current Fraternal year is fast coming to a close.  Now is the time to avoid delay and procrastination and begin to address your thoughts and concerns toward all that can be planned and completed for the next year.

Conducting a review with your officers is in order. You can review what activities in the LIFE category you chose to do and what was accomplished.  All activities that had a good result (and some that were not attempted for one reason or another) may be helpful in planning for the next year.  Those that did not have the result you desired may be discarded or adjusted for more success.  Every council should include the required Novena for Life, then choose some others from the featured program area: march for life, special Olympics and ultrasound programs 

There are many other program ideas also, such as: Christian relief, Silver Rose, Mass for people with special needs, assisting the poor, spiritual reflection Holy Hour, Family prayer night, Good Friday family promotion, and any activity that honors our Priests.

It would be very helpful if Council members are surveyed for their interests and activities that reflect those interests are planned by the council.

During the next few weeks you will have elections of officers for the next year.  It is absolutely imperative that Form #185 is submitted to both Supreme and State.  This form connects us together as an organization!  In addition, Indiana asks that you complete the information profile of your council for the State Directory since that information helps keep the lines of communication open.

Brothers, anticipate SUCCESS!!


Fred Schmits

State Life Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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