Culture of Life Chairman

October 2018

My Brothers for Life,           (Download the 2019 MFL registration here.)

October is Pro-Life Month all across our nation and as such we are called to make special efforts in support of the Culture of Life.

One of the International movements in support of Life is the 40 Days for Life which began at the end of September and will continue until November 4th. This is a campaign consisting of 40 Days of prayer and fasting in shifts outside of an abortuary where innocent babies, yet to be born, are murdered. This barbaric act is sanctioned by our government and MUST be stopped. ALL Knights are asked to participate in some public Pro-Life activity. If there be no abortuary near your home, organize a prayer service or Rosary at your Parish or at your town or city square.  

Pray your Rosary with your family or friends daily for the lives and souls of those babies and Mothers who have become part of the culture of death that grips this country. 

You can also organize or participate in the national “Life Chain” on October 7th. 

To stand silent is to be a part of the destruction of our Catholic beliefs and our Holy Mother Church.

If you need any help or information concerning Pro-Life activities, go to the state website, or contact your DD, the Life Director or me.


  “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    As our forefathers wrote……LIFE comes FIRST!!!!

Michael Velasco

Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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