June 2018

My Brothers for Life,

As we look back over this past year we find a lack of councils participating in Culture of Life activities. The average number of councils completing at least 1 Pro-Life activity over a one year period is a lowly 72. That’s 72 out of over 200 councils. This year so far with 2 months to go we have found that 65 councils have already completed at least one activity. That number does not reflect an active State of Indiana Knights of Columbus group.

On the other hand, contributions to the Indiana State Council Ultrasound Fund have reached a record high. A total of $17,833 was contributed by 26 councils. When we add the $17,000 that the Notre Dame council contributed we see over $34,000 being put into that fund.
The Indiana Knights of Columbus are responsible for 26 ultrasound machines being donated to volunteer Pregnancy Care Centers in our state. Because of that achievement, we are responsible for saving over 7,600 babies’ lives, lives that would have been snuffed-out by evil abortionists. We have also given more than 14,000 women who want their babies, the opportunity to see that little child in her body and assist her in the care of her unborn child. We have also purchased 2 “Baby Boxes” one of which has saved two precious, beautiful, wonderful babies from being abandoned.

We are not doctors or healers of the infirmed, the aged, and the handicapped, but we CAN and HAVE saved lives.  WE, the members of the Knights of Columbus have made a difference in this world. No matter what else we have done in this life of ours, nothing is greater than our Pro-Life accomplishments.

The activities DO matter. The contributions DO matter. Your Pro-Life activities and Pro-Life contributions DO make a difference. They make a great difference to all here on earth. They also please our Lord and Savior because LIFE is His creation.

Michael Velasco

Culture of Life Director

Indiana Knights of Columbus 

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