May 2016

The Indiana Knights of Columbus convention was an emotionally charged event.  Since the announcement from the Supreme Knight that our Columbian Squires no longer support the domestic church by being a Knight of Columbus program in November, we have been taking the necessary steps to close operations in a solemn and respectful manner. We accomplished the closing of the Indiana Circle in a brief presentation by myself and the State Chief Squire, Zach Peycha.  Next month, I will make the transcript of the presentation available.

As the State Squires Chairman, I wish to thank every Knight that believes in the power of our sons as a living legacy of the good work we do within and outside the order.  These young men our our future.  The time we spent working out the logistics and recruiting plans to get circles established or re-established are some of the best time I have spent working for the order.  The passion and ability for my brother knights to take on tough tasks is truly outstanding.  I am humbled and inspired.  Thanks you for making me a better man.

I also want to thank Past State Deputy Steve Ziemba for his outstanding resolution supporting the Columbia Squires.This clear and unambiguous statement of support, adopted by our jurisdiction, shows the Order that Indiana values their sons!

Esto Dignus!

SK Walter Peycha

Indiana Columbian Squires Chairman

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